this is why i run: example // day 14

example (noun) a pattern or model, as of something to be imitated or avoided

One of the scariest things about being a parent is how there is a little person looking up to you and wanting to do everything you do. Even right now with a young baby, we are being watched and listened to with inquisitive eyes and ears. It goes without saying that the example we set for our baby is going to be an important part of his life. So what does this have to do with running?

Running is a way I can set an example, not only for our child but also for other people. When I make time every day to run, our son sees that. In fact, most of the times he is right there in the stroller as I’m pushing him along. I love that even though he is so young, he is watching me run. One day, I hope he is running next to me (and that I can keep up!) and his Dad, because of the example we set.
When other people in and around my life see me running, I’m setting an example for them as well. They will hopefully see my running as an encouragement and that it can be done, no matter what life brings. Setting a good example by running is rewarding, not just in a tangible way for me physically but intangibly with knowing that I’ve encouraged someone.
This is why I run.

*This post is a part of a 31 Day Writing Challenge in which I celebrate all the reasons I run. You can find links to all the posts here.

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