this is why i run: about weight // day 19

As I started my senior semester of high school, I started dabbling in running. In my mind, the one thing which I associated my weight with was running. For a few reasons, I thought I needed to do something about my weight. Oh, the angst of being a teen.
Consequently, I started running because I wanted to lose weight. This mentality stuck around well into my college years. Looking back now, I would tell my younger self one thing: running to lose weight (in MY situation) wasn’t the right reason to do it. Period. 
It wasn’t until my early twenties that I realized running to lose weight was a terrible way to stay motivated. The moment my weight would fluctuate, I would beat myself up over it and run that much harder, that much longer. It was a discouraging place to be in and running wasn’t fun anymore. When I stopped worrying that I was overweight and focused more on running because I enjoyed it, that’s when the light bulb flickered on. 
The day I decided to stop running because of a certain number, was the day I truly started enjoying my runs. Sure, if I need to lose weight then I can say that running is a good way to achieve results. However, I can’t let my weight suck the joy out of running. Rather, running is a journey on which the biggest reward is knowing that I’m treating my body and mind well. 

This is why I run.

*This post is a part of a 31 Day Writing Challenge in which I celebrate all the reasons I run. You can find links to all the posts here.

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