november(!!) and the #lifegratitudeproject

How is it November already?! It feels like just yesterday it was summertime, blazing hot and the sun was setting at 9 pm. At any rate, this month is where in Texas the weather truly begins to cool down and the leaves change colors. All things pumpkin are in abundance and chilly nights beg for homemade stew or chili. Most importantly, this month is Thanksgiving which means not only will I be eating so much amazing food but I will be taking some extra time to pause and reflect on all my blessings.

Last month, I had fun and was challenged by finding and writing about 31 different reasons to celebrate why I run. To continue in the spirit of challenges, this month I’m going to have a photo challenge. Each day, I will post a picture which celebrates things I’m grateful for. There are no rules for what it can be, just something I’m thankful to have in my life and a snapshot of what that looks like. There are infinitely way more than thirty things I’m grateful for, but I figure this project is a good way to start. These posts will be just one photo, taken with my camera or iPhone. Of course, I’m going to still be posting additional content so that you’re not just looking at thirty days of photos. Does that sound like fun?! I’m excited.

I’m also creating a hash tag (because it’s not official until it has its’ own hash tag, right?) #lifegratitudeproject and will also be posting over on Instagram each day. I’d love it if you follow along! Be sure to tag your photos #lifegratitudeproject and get creative with your photos! If you’re not on Instagram, don’t worry. You can always leave a comment here telling me about something you’re grateful for or link up to your blog if you have one and would like to join me on this challenge.

Since I’ve never done anything like this before, I think it’ll be a fun personal challenge. I’m going to be pushed to think outside the box about how I use photography and will be able to look back and have a visual reminder of things I’m grateful for. Hopefully, I can make this gratitude project a yearly tradition. Finally, I’m just going to remember to have fun with it.

Come back later today for my first post!

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