pumpkin patch fun

A few weeks ago, we ventured out after nap time (sadly not ours, the baby’s) to a pumpkin patch. The weather was gorgeous that weekend, with just a slight nip in the air making it feel like fall had arrived.

Now, I totally understand that at 5 months old, a baby isn’t going to remember anything but I like to think that at the very least when he is older, he will like looking back on his baby pictures. So, basically this was more for us than him.

Here we go…

He was a little unsure about what to do…
and completely looking everywhere except the camera.
Obviously, not impressed.
Clearly, he was also grumpy and over the whole pumpkin patch thing.
The best family picture we could get! Thank you, kind older man for taking our picture.

It was a fun although short lived afternoon activity, but nice to be able to go outside and enjoy the fresh air. Maybe next year, Kaleb will actually pay attention and have fun!

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