well, i’ve gone and done it {13.1}

As I sat last night on the couch sipping on my glass of Chardonnay, I started feeling a bit quite nervous. Maybe I needed another glass? Ha, kidding.

Some of you know that I’ve been training since September for a half marathon. However, a big detail I left out was how I still hadn’t registered for the race. I know. #judgeme #sorrynotsorry
 photo photo6_zpsf9520738.jpg
I’m not sure what I was waiting on. Oh, wait. I do. It’s the whole commitment and finality of it all. Once I put those dollar bills on the line, it gets real. There’s no backing out at that point. Also, once I verbalize and write about it, clearly I’m asking everyone to hold me accountable.
So, here’s my official unofficial announcement to the world: I signed up for and am running a half marathon (or 13.1 miles) at the beginning of next month. Yes, it’s my very first half and honestly, I’m feeling a strange combination of being scared and excited. A short description from the race website will explain why I’m feeling this way: The course covers 13.1 miles of rural roadway and is USATF certified. Be prepared for rolling hills for the first half of the race, followed by several steady downhill miles at miles 7 and 8. Large hills at the end of Mile 8 and Mile 10 are the highlights (or lowlights, depending on your perspective) of the tough final 5 miles. Could I have picked an easier race for my first half marathon? (That may or may not be sarcasm you detect.)  

In the meantime, I don’t mind if you start saying your prayers for me now. 
p.s. More to come soon on what I’m doing for training, how I’m doing it with a baby, etc. Anything you’re curious about? Drop me a comment or email!

6 thoughts on “well, i’ve gone and done it {13.1}

  1. monica says:

    awesome!! So proud of you. I wish I could come join you as I'm pretty sure that half-marathons are the perfect distance–hugely challenging, but still do-able. I can't wait to track your training!

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