on being a parent: 6 months

*Disclaimer: I’m sharing my own personal experience in being a mom. These are solely my observations and only meant to give you a peek into my thoughts. By no means, am I an expert on having a baby and most likely don’t even know what I’m doing half the time. I’m simply sharing this so that I don’t forget stuff and to try and keep my sense of humor through it all. Okay, I’m done. 😉

Do you hear that? Listen closely. It is a HUGE sigh of relief, y’all. We made it out of the haze and stupor that is life with a new baby. I felt like I was walking in a fog for the first 4 months of our baby’s life, but instead of zombies chasing me I was being tortured by broken sleep and lots of crying. Note to self: wear earplugs if there’s a next time.

{Birth day}
birth day photo IMG_0461_zps1d957960.jpg

Here we are, six months into this thing called being a parent. Six months of learning how to do a completely new job without any formal training. What were they thinking?! I mean, it’s one thing to go to that childbirth class(es) and learn about how the baby is going to come out in the most effective, least painful way possible. It’s another thing to actually do it and then the hardest part…going home from the hospital with your baby and every day thereafter, for the rest of our lives as parents to this little soul God has entrusted to us. Big deal, y’all. Huge.

{One month}
1 month photo IMG_0742_zpscc76b144.jpg

I clearly remember the day we got released from the hospital. It was a cool (for May in Texas) and sunny day after a week of rainy weather. As I made my way, slowly down the hallways and through the lobby to go outside where my husband was waiting at the curb with the car, it really hit me. They were letting me go home with a person. A little, 7 pound person who I now needed to care for and depended solely on us in order to thrive. Plus, there is no hospital nursery at home. Oh boy.

{Two months}
2 months photo IMG_1100_zpsb3ea88ac.jpg

So much has happened in six months! They aren’t kidding when you turn around and it seems like your newborn is a legit kid. For example when Kaleb was born, he had dark hair. Then he went bald and slowly grew back blonde hair. It’s really weird so I asked my husband the other day if someone had come into our house and swapped our baby. Thankfully, no. Thinking back now, he also was super tiny and felt so light. We seriously thought we would break him at one point, just because he seemed so fragile and his neck bobbled and wobbled like a loose top.

{Three months}
3 months photo IMG_1296_zpsa722d84b.jpg

So the other night, I was lying in bed trying to fall asleep and started looking through photos on my phone. If you ever don’t want to fall asleep, give that a try. So, there I was, being that parent. Wondering how on earth my baby grew so quickly, replaying videos of something cute he did that day and just generally wishing time would slow down. It is so cliche but there’s a reason for that – they do grow and change so quickly.

{Four months}
4 months photo DSC_0397_zps5a8a8000.jpg

Time is a thief, I tell ya. I know every parent in the world thinks their kid is the cutest and hung the moon and all that jazz. Nothing new there and yes, it’s true. You even start doing cheesy things you swore you’d never do, like sing “Do Re Mi” and all the other songs from that movie at the top of your lungs. The best part though, is how excited this little person is to be around you, hear you and see you . All the time! I’m all like dude, aren’t you tired of being around me 24/7? Seriously. But it’s so cute.

{Five months}
5 months photo IMG_1900_zps818a8178.jpg

Some field notes and observations:
*No matter what, you will get ____ on. Fill in the blank with any baby bodily fluid you can think of. You’re welcome.
*Even at its’ worst, pregnancy was way easier than actually having to care for a little human being. The kid was cozily contained and I was blissfully unaware.
*When in doubt, laugh. Keep laughing. And laugh some more, even if you don’t feel like it.
*Moments with my baby are more important than anything on my phone.
*Soak up those naps in your arms and snuggles. Don’t worry, he won’t get spoiled.
*Don’t Google “it”. Whatever “it” is. But you will, because you can’t help yourself.
*You will make faces/noises to this tiny little thing who won’t talk back, just to make it smile and laugh.
*Ask your husband/family/friends for help and don’t feel guilty about it.
*Know thy swaddle. You will be doing this in the dark and half asleep, 99% of the time.
*It’s okay if the dishes/laundry/dust bunnies pile up. They will always be there but my baby will be a teenager next time I go get him from his crib after a nap.
*Showers, running alone, and grocery trips are the new alone time. Don’t feel guilty.
*Every milestone is epic and should be somehow be commemorated. This includes saving the world’s most gigantic booger. (That is all my husband’s doing.)
*Seriously, the love for your kid is fierce and huge. Gah. Can’t even stand it.

6 months_1 photo six_months_1_zps8426ca21.jpg

Things he loves:
*His giraffe. All the time.
*Sucking his thumb especially when sleeping.
*Watching his dad do push ups and count in Spanish.
*Sleeping on his tummy.
*Sitting up.
*Grabbing everything and putting it in his mouth.
*Being rocked and sang to.
*Reading books, especially Goodnight Moon. His face lights up and he smiles when he sees the book cover.

6 months_2 photo six_months_2_zpsc1d75247.jpg

Things he doesn’t care for:
*Pacifiers and bottles.
*Wearing clothes.
*Sweet potatoes.
*The car seat. Pure torture, I tell you.
*Being on his back.

Happy 1/2 birthday, Kaleb! 
We love you.
(Yet another milestone I told myself I wouldn’t celebrate. Words, eaten.)
6 months_3 photo six_months_3_zpsd467023a.jpg

6 thoughts on “on being a parent: 6 months

  1. Sara Destree says:

    He is so freaking cute I just want to nibble on him 🙂 Congrats Prima on such a milestone! It just gets better as you go along, new challenges and milestones. Definetly worth it though.

  2. A. Ester Vazquez says:

    …. you have blown me away… and it's a happy surprise… thank you: for inspiring me to carve time out in my schedule to blog again, for showing me that some things DO change for the BETTER, and for giving me hope for the future… he is gorgeous and enjoy every minute, you're going to wake up soon saying, “yes son, i saved your baby crib for your first child”…. XOXO

  3. monica says:

    I loved every bit of this! He is so cute and I can just see that personality emerging…You're doing AWESOME. I agree, keep the sense of humor! Big blessings!

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