training for my first half marathon: a background story

Well, hi there! Hopefully your week is off to a great start and hey, tomorrow is Friday!

Seeing as I am just a few weeks away from my race, I figured I better hurry up and share a few things about what I’ve been up to with preparing and training for my first half marathon. I’ve got a couple more posts on this, so hang tight if you’re tired of all the running posts lately. There are a few other goodies in the queue.

 photo wearewhatwedo_zpse8e54aad.jpg

First, I have a small confession to make. A long time ago, back when I first got into running I was interviewed by a local newspaper. Long story short, I was quoted saying the following: “I’m going to do a half marathon within a year…and I want to run a marathon by the time I turn 24.” In case you don’t know, that didn’t happen. Instead, I focused on training for and racing in triathlons. Those years weren’t a complete waste but it still bugs me that to this day, I didn’t stick to what I said. Obviously it is forever recorded in history and I have to keep my word even if it is years later!

A lot of life happened between my 24th birthday and now. Major stuff, one of which most currently was having a baby earlier this year. Needless to say, my goal of running a half marathon was put on the back burner. Honestly, last year when I got pregnant I thought that racing was definitely going to be the last thing on my mind. Between caring for a baby and adjusting to a new type of life, the thought of training for and running races seemed far away. After all, this time last year I was only 15 weeks pregnant and was just getting back to the gym (not running) after almost 10 weeks of not working out.

This past summer came and went, our baby (finally) adjusted to life outside the womb and we started sleeping somewhat more normally again. That’s when thoughts of running and racing really started to come alive again. It wasn’t until 4 months after having a baby, that I started seriously training with the goal of running a half marathon by the year end.

How was I going to achieve what seemed like such a lofty goal? Next time, I talk about how I decided on a plan for training and how that looks for me.

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