goodbye, 2013…welcome, 2014

2013 has been such an amazing, redemptive year! It has been a year of new life, new friends, delicious food and lots of running. For me, it is always bittersweet to see a year end and another one start but one thing holds true — God has blessed us immensely and time after time, He has proven his faithfulness and grace in our lives. We are so, so grateful.

It’s funny how my perspective of time changes around depending on external circumstances. Some days, I want time to crawl slowly so that I can savor and stretch out every moment of life. Then, there are days where I want time to go by faster so that I can avoid those long, hard days.

One of my prayers for the upcoming year is that my perspective on time be what God wants it to be. I don’t want to be captive to feeling rushed or even feeling stuck in slow motion. I yearn to let God speak to me about how to be a wise steward of the time He blesses me with. From investing in quality friendships to knowing how to spend time raising our son, I want to be able to say that in 2014, I used my time, the time God gave me, wisely.

The coming year brings so much promise, so much possibility and a chance for setting new goals. Amid all these things, let’s not forget to keep God at the forefront of everything we do. It’s easy (for me) to get so caught up in the planning and forget that there is only One who is in charge of all the plans.

From our family to yours, 
may you have a blessed and joy filled new year!
 photo DSC_0850edit_zpsbd9a37c5.jpg
p.s. And a HUGE thank you to each of you, for reading along and allowing my words and photographs to be a part of your life. Y’all are awesome and if I could bake you your favorite cookies, I totally would. 

3 thoughts on “goodbye, 2013…welcome, 2014

  1. monica says:

    Aloha to you and Happy new year to your whole family. That picture is absolutely perfect. I've loved catching up on your training, and I just have to say–Way to go: First year w/ the baby and you are balancing life so well. God bless you!! Xo

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