Reading Lately

Hey-o! I didn’t mean to disappear for so long. Sometimes I just have those weeks, you know? At any rate, I’m back and figured I would share some reading I’ve been doing lately.

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Clearly, I haven’t done one of these posts in a while (almost 1 year ago!) but that doesn’t mean I haven’t read anything since last year. I will admit, there was a period of about 6 months after our son was born where I did not have time to read any “for fun” books and this year, one of my goals is to read more books.

{Recently read…}
The Light Between Oceans – M.L. Stedman
The Sandcastle Girls – Chris Bohjalian
The Aviator’s Wife – Melanie Benjamin
How to Be an American Housewife – Margaret Dilloway
The Baker’s Daughter – Sarah McCoy
Loving Frank – Nancy Horan
The Lost Wife – Alyson Richman
The Choice – Nicholas Sparks
The Birth House – Ami McKay
Blackberry Winter – Sarah Jio
{Currently reading…}
The Gendarme – Mark Mustian
{Upcoming reading…}
Doctor Zhivago – Boris Pasternak
The Perfect Summer: England 1911, Just Before the Storm – Juliet Nicholson
Something new I’m doing this year to help with accomplishing a goal of mine to read more “for fun” books is that I joined an online reading group. A few months ago, I received an invitation from a friend to join this group. Below is an excerpt from the group description which explains how it works. 

A twice a year, online reading retreat in March and August. We will nominate and vote on a theme for the March retreat and then choose a list of 4-5 books to read and we will discuss them weekly during the month of our retreat. For our August retreat, we will focus on selected works of a particular author which will also be chosen by vote. The retreats are planned in advance so we have plenty of time to get the books read since we all do so much reading already. 

So far, I have really enjoyed the slower pace of reading that this group is following. There are discussion questions (most books average around 20 or so) which I can take a look at, typically right after I finish reading the entire book. Sometimes, I’ll take notes as I’m reading but that isn’t my preferred method of reading so I usually just wait until I’m done. Having a low-key, no pressure format of getting some reading accomplished is what makes this reading group work well for me and I also enjoy being introduced to books/authors/genres I may not have thought about reading.
Some of you may wonder (or not) how I find time to read and the answer is, I don’t know! I think that snippets of time here and there during the day, along with a solid uninterrupted hour or two in the evenings (in lieu of watching television) are the key to my reading success. Either way, I’ll take it! I figure that if I want to read, I’ll make it happen and the dishes can wait until morning.

Now, off to read some more while the baby is still napping! 

5 thoughts on “Reading Lately

  1. Urban Wife says:

    Great to hear! I usually write a small synopsis with each book, but there were just too many this time. Let me know if I can help with any other recommendations, based on what you enjoy reading. Stay encouraged with your goal, whether it's 1 book or 20 books you read this year. 😉

  2. says:

    i just got back into reading too — after having oliver twist and shakespeare shoved down my throat for so many years, I was somewhat turned off by books. Lately I'm reading the book theif though, and I love it! definitely recommended

  3. monica says:

    OK…Such great timing for this! I have been announcing to my family that this is the year I GET BACK into reading! Reading books that is…I read plenty online blogs and shorter stuff, but I miss getting into good books…
    I have been hoping for some fresh recommendations, so I'll be looking into some of your books for sure!
    Much aloha–

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