on being a parent: 9 months

*Disclaimer: I’m sharing my own personal experience in being a mom. These are solely my observations and only meant to give you a peek into my thoughts. By no means, am I an expert on having a baby and most likely don’t even know what I’m doing half the time. I’m simply sharing this so that I don’t forget stuff and to try and keep my sense of humor through it all. Okay, I’m done. 😉

Let’s start this post off with a big ole cliche. Time keeps flying by, y’all. Ok, I’m glad that’s settled. In a way, things are more settled now and it’s easier having a routine (not to be confused with a schedule) that roughly defines our days and nights.

{Seven months} 
 photo DSC_0850edit_zpsbd9a37c5.jpg
{Christmas Day}
7mo Christmas Day photo DSC_0978_zps5d3a9046.jpg

There never seem to be enough hours in the day (hello, sporadic blogging and et al) to get ALL THE THINGS done but something I’ve been learning more of lately has been to give myself grace. Easier said than done, right?

That being said, I never actually had the intention to keep doing these updates but hey 1) good thing I have low expectations on these types of things and 2) why not? even if I’m just doing them for my own sake.

{Eight months}
8mo photo DSC_1003_zpsab19c4ae.jpg
{We call this his ‘business casual’ look}
8mo_2 photo DSC_1060_zps303a0e86.jpg

Here’s what we’ve been up to in baby-land the past 3 months in list form because we all know time is of the essence as a parent of a small child.

{Nine months}
9mo photo DSC_1148_zpscd51da99.jpg

Favorite things:
*Anything he can bang together to make noise
*Books and turning the pages himself
*Still loving his beloved giraffe
*Pulling up on everything, including people
*Standing up 
*Crawling like a GI Joe
*Sucking his thumb 
*Food (he eats what we do so all of it, for now)
*Babbling (baba, mama)
*Being in the Ergo carrier 
*Ocean waves on the noise machine + a dark room for sleeping
*Sitting on his dad’s shoulders

{Those little curls…swoon}
9mo_2 photo DSC_1167_zpse1fa2d99.jpg

Not-so-favorite things:
*Getting his hands & face washed, nails clipped 
*Still hating the car seat
*Hugs & kisses (yes, I’m serious)
*Loud noises (i.e. vacuum cleaner, food processor)
*The changing table or diaper changes in general

{Charlie Brown profile}
9mo_3 photo DSC_1159_zpsbfcb78e7.jpg

Baby boy has a strong personality (shocker…haha) but most of the times is generous with his smiles and laughs. I think he’s making up for all those months of screaming when he was a newborn.

The countdown is on until toddlerhood. Insert shocked face emoji here. Hashtag where did my baby go.

8 thoughts on “on being a parent: 9 months

  1. monica says:

    Two words: THOSE EYES!!!! Oh my…He is adorable and full of personality. And yes to Grace…I'm still working on that one. You're doing amazing, and I am so glad to follow along with your journey.

  2. Heather || Heather's Dish says:

    CURLS!!!! And I don't say this to scare you, but if you think he's got a strong personality now just wait til he's two (or in our case almost two). I love every second, but sometimes I just can't believe how crazy having a toddler is. You'll laugh and cry, usually back-to-back, all day 🙂

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