grow in grace: faith

We are almost three months into the new year(!), so I thought it would be a good time to give y’all an update on how I’m doing with my phrase of the year. As a refresher, you can take a look at this initial post for further explanation.

“Grow in that root-grace, faith. Let faith increase in fullness, constancy, simplicity.”
Charles Spurgeon 

Last month, as I was starting to dig into the practical aspect of my goals, I became a bit overwhelmed. Where would I even start? What was my end goal? Would I feel like I failed it I didn’t follow through? Instead of letting the big picture continue to overwhelm me, I had to break things down a bit.

First, I chose to focus on one of the three areas I’m looking to grow in. Since faith is the foundation to everything else, I figure that’s a good place to start.

grow in grace: faith | Urban Wife Diaries

We discovered a little while back that our son really loves the swings at the park. (It actually came as no surprise, since as a newborn he would only sleep when he was in his swing.) Last week, the sun was shining and temperatures were pleasant. A trip to the playground happened not once but twice.

As I stood there gently pushing our son on the swing, I couldn’t help but think about how babies and children are so free to trust us. To trust anyone, for that matter. They have faith in everyone and everything. Their innocence knows no bounds. They are not self sufficient, like adults are. The thought I kept coming back to was how much faith they put in even the simplest things. For example, I’m pushing him on the swing and he has faith that he’s going to be secure in the little bucket seat and the bottom isn’t going to suddenly fall out on him. He has faith because he doesn’t know any better.

It got me really thinking, though. What about my faith? How quick am I to be self sufficient, because I can be, and not depend on God for all things? I want to go beyond having faith like a child. The faith a child has is because they don’t know any better. As a believer, I should know better and I should live my life that way. This rooting of my faith needs to start by depending on God, even in the small stuff.

grow in grace: faith | Urban Wife Diaries
My end goal is to grow in faith. It will be a lifelong process, of course. One small thing I’ve been doing practically has been cutting back my time spent reading blogs. I had a real conviction about this especially as last year came to an end. It was after coming back from our vacation, where I realized things had spiraled out of control. I mean, did I really need to have over 100 different blogs on my reader with 1,000+ unread posts?! Something so insignificant was stressing me out. 
Y’all, don’t get me wrong. There are so, so many great blogs out there and when I’m reading things which are uplifting and helpful, it fills my tank. The online blogging community can be a positive thing and I truly wish I had the time to read every single blog out there I love. But, there is only so much time in my day and I have to be a wise steward of that time. Now, I have less than 10 blogs on my reader. It has been liberating!

As it turns out, I am making more time to do the things I should be doing, to grow my faith. I’m reading and digging into my devotional & Scripture instead of reading blog posts, once the baby is down for a nap. I’m praying with more intention rather than while I’m doing something (not that there’s anything wrong with that) or being distracted by a never-ending mental list of to-dos.

All these little things add up. I’m not writing about this to brag, but rather to be held accountable. When I intentionally put effort into growing my faith, everything else is positively affected. And when I fail to follow through (because it will happen), I have to know that just as God shows us grace over and over and over again, I have to show myself grace as well.

For me, it is better to have consistency & discipline with the things I do to grow my faith, rather like what I would do when I’m training for a race. The more time I spend training, the stronger I will run the race. Life is one long continual training regimen which builds upon our faith and so with that, our faith needs to be deeply rooted. I’m pretty certain that at the end of my life I’m not going to reflect on how many blogs I read, uplifting or not.

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” 
Hebrews 11:1

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