welcome to my new home

Whether this is your first time reading or you’ve been around for a while, welcome! I’m so glad you’ve taken the time to stop by today. Please, grab a cup of your favorite beverage and get comfortable. Would you allow me to share a few things that have been on my heart lately?

Back when I first started honing my vision of what I wanted this online space to look like, I honestly didn’t know where to start. Often times, I’m filled to the brim with ideas and yet, cannot seem to find the time or way to see them come to fruition. I can’t even tell you how many blog posts I’ve started writing, only to not finish them. But, it’s more than just that.
welcome to my new home | Urban Wife Diaries
First, let me back up to almost 14 months ago. After we had our son, blogging simply wasn’t a priority. There were more important things that needed to be done. I didn’t want to look back and regret having missed moments with my son because I was too busy living life online. That goes for now and for the future, as well. I want to live my life first and then, share about it.

Second, I believe that to a certain extent, being busy is a choice we all make. The better statement is to say “That’s not a priority” or “I’m choosing to spend my time on other things” rather than “I’m just so crazy busy all the time.” I’ll never forget one day this past year, when I read something that struck a chord deep down. What if I just spent a few minutes each day jotting down some thoughts? It doesn’t have to be important or amazing, life changing or picture worthy, or even become a blog post. Just writing, for the sake of writing. I can choose to prioritize writing down thoughts, because I am able to and simply need to.
welcome to my new home | Urban Wife Diaries
Another question I struggled with was with just how much of my life to share. For me, there is a way to still be personal and authentic, without compromising privacy. Does that make sense? I know that the small handful of blogs I choose to read and interact with are the ones where the author shares personal stories and talks honestly about life.

As I read through 4 years worth of blog posts, I realized that all along that’s what I’ve been doing. That’s the moment I knew my vision for this online space was there all along, hiding in plain sight. At the end of the day, when I sit down and share with you all, you’re reading about my experiences and events in my life. It is as simple as that.

diary |ˈdīərē| noun (pl. diaries)
a book in which one keeps a daily record of events and experiences; a datebook
welcome to my new home | Urban Wife Diaries
So, where does that bring me to next? I’m excited to continue sharing life as I have been in the past and also try a few new things. My hope is that when you visit this space, you will feel like we are friends just sharing life over coffee or dinner.

One thing I took away from the survey besides your awesome feedback is that every so often it’s necessary to hear another perspective. So many times, I get caught up in my thoughts and ideas that I forget about life outside that little bubble. So, thank you for giving me that fresh breath of air that comes with a different perspective.

Feel free to click around and familiarize yourself with my new home. I did bring everything over from the old blog, so if you have any issues with links or anything else, please send me an email or message through the contact link.

Thank you for letting me be a part of your life. After all, this blog wouldn’t be what it is if it weren’t for each and every one of you.

p.s. I’ve read all of your kind responses on the survey – a million thanks! The winner for the coffee gift card has also been contacted. You all had some great feedback and I appreciate the time you took to let me know your thoughts.
welcome to my new home | Urban Wife Diaries

4 thoughts on “welcome to my new home

  1. thegrommom says:

    Since I am just getting back and settled, I am also just catching up on your site! IT looks so good, and I love how you write from the heart. I appreciate and respect that you have known throughout time when to step back–sometimes that is hard for me in my blogging, but it is a sign of maturity and great priority. 🙂
    I’ll be reading along…and thank you again so much for the Starbucks card. I’ll be finding a special time to use it soon. ALOHA! 🙂

    • Urban Wife says:

      You are too sweet, Monica. I appreciate that you take time out of your busy day to encourage me with your kind words. Thanks for reading along. And yes, do enjoy the Starbucks! 😉

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