playing tourist: state capitol {part 1}

Even though we’ve already been here 2 years, there is still so much we haven’t explored just in the city alone. I feel like every time I look around, there is something else to add to our list. I haven’t mentioned it before here but one thing we really want to do while living here is explore and learn about where we live. Really just appreciate everything there IS here instead of thinking or daydreaming about what ISN’T here.

I don’t know if it’s the newness of being in a new place or the thirst of adventure we have, but it’s safe to say that it’s a healthy mix of those two things that make us want to enjoy our city. So, earlier this summer we decided to start a list. It doesn’t have a fancy name, since we just refer to it as the “things to do and places to go” piece of paper. The process of actually writing down places and things we want to see has been so helpful.

For starters, I feel like not only do we NOT forget places we want to explore but also depending on the weekend, we can just pick a new adventure from the list and plan it around our other activities.

Having a list also gives us no excuses to ask the same Saturday morning question we always ask each other…”so, um, what do you want to do today?” followed by indecision, and then before we know it half the day is gone by the time we decide on something, if we even decide. Being able to pick something from the list, enhances our time together on the weekends and gives us a purpose. In short, we have been LOVING it.

Some of the things on this list are a short drive away, others are an all-day expedition. My husband and I have been blessed with being able to have experienced traveling together to many places and want to continue doing so, even now with our son in tow. We want him to fall in love with exploring, taking adventures and traveling to new places just as we have. Obviously, it’s a bit different now logistically speaking to travel and explore with a toddler, but we’ve learned it is NOT impossible. It just takes more planning and packing.

We started this particular weekend adventure doing something that we probably should’ve done when we first moved here. Living in a capital city, there’s no excuse for not exploring history in our very own backyard.

^^Miriam A. Ferguson, she was a trailblazer

When you first walk inside the building, you go through security which is in the foyer area. Once you’re about 100 paces inside, you reach the interior atrium and seemingly endless corridors.

It’s hard to stand inside the capitol building and not be amazed at how much history has taken place here. There is a canvas painting for every governor Texas has ever had, since they became an independent republic from Mexico in 1836. Awesome, right?!

^^cannot even begin to capture the greatness of the interior atrium

^^and again, failed attempt…try and imagine this x4 all the way around

^^loved the ceiling in the House of Representatives room

^^governor’s public reception room

^^and the area in front of the governor’s room

^^looking up at the dome from below

It has been a blast crossing places off the list we’ve been compiling. Things and places get added when we think (or come across) them, so I have a feeling it’s going to be a long while before we even see and do everything we want.

Stay tuned for part 2 of our adventure, where we tour the outer grounds of the capitol.

3 thoughts on “playing tourist: state capitol {part 1}

  1. Jose says:

    awesome! yay for exploring.. oh Tampa, there’s much still to learn here.. but… time.. is… i dont know… running out perhaps??.. 😛

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