playing tourist: state capitol {part 2}

If you missed it, last time I left things off with a look at the inside of the capitol building. Today, I’m sharing images from the rest of our visit around the outer grounds.

First, let me preface by (needlessly) stating that it was a summer day, in central Texas. Rain or shine, heat or cold, we don’t let weather stop us from exploring.

Adventures are not adventures if you wait for everything to be just right.

After we walked around all 3 floors (the remaining floors and dome area aren’t accessible to the public) of the interior, we decided that even though it was 97* outside that we would make the most of our visit. We noticed that most of the grounds had ample shady spots throughout so we could stop and take breaks.

It also allowed for K to get out of the Ergo carrier and burn off some toddler energy. He was so funny, trying to pick up every single leaf in the grass. I’m not sure what his purpose was other than to help clean up, so we explained to him that there were nice people whose job it is to clean up the leaves. That seemed to do the trick. šŸ˜‰

^^K was just loving all the open spaces

As we walked around, I loved getting to see the building from all the different angles. The grounds were very quiet, unlike when we were inside. My guess is most people didn’t want to be in the heat. It was nice to walk around the grounds without bumping into people and take good photographs, too.

^^northern side of building


For some reason, at certain times I felt the grandeur of the building be overwhelming. If you scroll back up to three images above this one, you can see on the bottom right corner a yellow speck. That is my husband, a tiny thing against the great building. Although it’s a shabby comparison, I can almost visualize how great the Palace of Westminster must feel like when I look at our capitol building.

^^this melts me, every single time

^^westward view

This statue below was one of a few different ones they had erected, for various different things. I really like the Old Testament one (second below) – so neat!

^^statue commemorating all veterans of the Spanish War (1898-1902)

^^southwest corner of main entrance

^^the dome, in all its’ glory

^^found a shady spot, at last

^^sad he wasn’t allowed to eat any grass

^^the main entrance

I’m so glad we crossed the state capitol off our list. It was neat finally touring the building and grounds that we so often see in the skyline and when driving around town.

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