fitness lately: July

Happy August! Repeat with me…where has the year gone by?!

Today is a rest day and it’s also the first day of a new month, so there’s no better time than now to recap the remainder of last month’s fitness. I enjoy writing these posts and it helps me stay accountable, which I love. Seriously, I ran an extra 0.60 mile yesterday because I wanted to hit a specific mileage number for the month.

I felt great this month! Truly, and it shows. My total mileage for July was 40.4 miles. I’m certainly still not anywhere near where I want to be, but for now it’ll do. One thing I mentioned a few weeks ago was my long run and how I had been slacking with it. Good news! I managed to actually set my alarm on Saturday mornings and wake up to go run. It’s the perfect way to start off the weekend, for sure.

One thing that bears mentioning is the weather. I know it’s almost silly to even bring up the weather because running pretty much happens unless there’s a monsoon (which doesn’t happen here) but hear me out. This summer has been mild! I’m not even kidding. The highest temperatures we’ve gotten are 104*F and that was only on two different days.

Yes, it has been very humid especially in the mornings when I run but I’m used to that (Florida beats Texas in the humidity category) and prefer that over the dry, oven-like heat of the afternoons. That being said, I feel like that’s another reason my running and paces have been better than usual this summer. At least, comparing it to summer’s in the past few years.

I’ve been sticking to my daily practice of Pilates (thanks to this program) and it has made such a huge difference. In fact, I know that getting stronger through doing Pilates has helped my running improve as well.

I started the Pilates Body Program back in June, a few days before going on vacation. It was tough sticking to the plan (especially the meals!) while on vacation, but once we got back home I started making improvements more quickly.

Even though I’m working hard each time, Pilates is sort of relaxing for me. It really helps my tight “running” muscles loosen up and at the same time, get stronger. It sounds weird but that’s just how it works for me.

One thing a lot of runners don’t typically have are a strong core and back muscles, myself included. It’s amazing how much more enjoyable running is when your back doesn’t hurt after finishing a run, thanks to a stronger core and back muscles from doing Pilates consistently. I’m sad the program is officially over but will definitely continue practicing Pilates daily, because it has made such a positive difference!

Have a great weekend and enjoy some sunshine, wherever you’re at!

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