first baseball game

Happy Friday, y’all! Has this week flown by or what? I’m excited for the weekend, even if that means staying inside a lot and relaxing.

Last week, our son experienced his very first baseball game. Being the mom that I am, I took a few pictures for the sake of posterity, obviously. But seriously, I enjoy writing down these tiny snippets of life and the memories we are making with our son.

First, the biggest thing we were concerned about with attending this baseball game was that it started right at our son’s normal bedtime. I know we aren’t the first parents to push limits and see just how late our son could manage to stay up past his bedtime, but it was a first for us.

The only experiences we’ve had up until this point with testing bedtime limits were not very pleasant or successful. In other words, our son loves his routine and is in bed by 7pm every night (since he was 4 months old!) and usually falls asleep right away. Since we only had negative associations with pushing bedtime, it’s not surprising that it took us 15 months to finally just go for it. I know, I’ll probably read this someday in the future and just roll my eyes at myself for making such a big deal out of it.

Guess what?! He basically knocked it out of the park (ha, pun) and did exceptionally well. We were surprised (understatement) and are now wondering if we need to try this more often.

There were a few things I would say helped it be a success:

*a favorite book and toy
*plenty of water and snacks
*a playground or play area
*a decent nap earlier that day

He had the best time (I think) running around in the play area. We took him before the game started and then about an hour later after watching the game for a while, I took him again. No, he didn’t actually watch the game but he did eat some snacks. Not pictured: half a pretzel and lots of water. (Yes, the stands were that empty. It’s a minor league team and was a weeknight.)

^^his first taste of cotton candy

^^seriously, mom, with the photos

By the time we got home and put him to bed, it was almost 2.5 hours past his normal bedtime but he fell asleep after a few minutes without a major meltdown. In fact, in the car on the way home he just kept laughing hysterically at the smallest things. Classic signs of an overtired toddler, yes. But I’ll take those belly laughs because they are awesome no matter what.

The best part was that he slept in the next morning, so he got his 12 hours. I’m wondering if this will be a one time fluke, but there’s no other way to find out except to keep (occasionally) trying out new things that allow him to stay up a bit later. And, I just realized that almost 500 words later I only used the word baseball twice. Ha, that’s why vacations are called trips when you are a parent and baseball game is code for let’s visit a new playground. 😉

2 thoughts on “first baseball game

  1. sugarplumblog says:

    Aww look at him with the cotton candy! He’s loving it! Glad his first game went well. It sounds to me that you have a pretty good kid! I think my sister’s kids would be running wild and screaming the whole time.

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