fitness lately: August

It’s that time of month, where I share a quick recap of my fitness for the previous month. Overall, I had a decent month with my running. Total mileage: 39.97 but can we just call it an even 40? Close enough.

The one thing I let slide a bit last month was my Pilates practice. I stopped doing it for about a week, and then after that it was hard to get back into it consistently again. I know I mentioned that I really wanted to keep up a daily, consistent practice but instead of giving excuses, I’ll just focus on getting back to it again.

^^still a great running buddy…as long as he’s distracted

Here’s a breakdown of what each week actually looked like:

Week 1
4 mi // 3 mi // 3.01 mi // 3.10 mi
Week 2
4 mi // 2.75 mi // 3 mi
Week 3
2.11 mi // 3 mi // 2 mi
Week 4
3 mi // 3 mi // 4 mi

If you’re wondering what happened to my “long run”, it’s been holding steady at 4 miles. I really don’t consider that a long run (just a personal preference, 6+ mi is more like it) but for now, it’s where I’m at without pushing myself to train hard. I think once the weather cools down some, that’s when I’ll start pushing for more miles. Because I miss long runs, seriously.

My goal for September is to get back on track with Pilates at least a few times a week and hit 50 miles of running. As of this post, I don’t have any races on the radar but with the weather hopefully getting cooler in the next month I’m going to look around and see if anything catches my eye. I’d love to run a race with the stroller (which might be hard to find) just to see how I do. Since I’ve never raced that way before, it would be an interesting challenge. Either way, I’ll be sure to keep y’all posted.

How’s your fitness looking these days? I’d love to hear all about it.

2 thoughts on “fitness lately: August

  1. thegrommom says:

    I love reading your fitness updates! I think you and I are on about the same schedules! haha…Except I don’t even claim to be trying pilates! (i should though!)
    I have been consistently doing a few dumbbell weights for upper body 2-3 days a week (literally five minutes worth, but I still get sore, ha!) And I keep saying I’ll do abs more regularly…but then I forget.
    🙂 I figure we’re both doing pretty darn good! aloha! xo

    • Urban Wife says:

      That’s great and I’m glad you enjoy the fitness updates – I likewise enjoy reading yours! I always forget about my dumbbells and need to start using them again. I guess when I was doing Pilates every day, I didn’t really have a need for them but now I can probably dust them off. 😉

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