Homemade Natural Diaper Wipe Solution

Remember way back in January when I posted about our homemade deodorant? I know, I can hardly remember either. In that post, I mentioned that this year I’m making an effort to share on the blog a few homemade items that we use on a regular basis. Well, it’s high time I shared this simple and easy diaper wipe solution that we’ve been using for almost 1 1/2 years now.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before but we use cloth wipes (and diapers) with our son and pretty much have, ever since he was about a month old. There have been exceptions, travel and bad diaper rashes being the times we resort to store bought baby wipes and disposable diapers. One thing I realized with buying baby wipes is that you always seem to end up needing to use more than 1 or 2 wipes, depending on the severity of the diaper. Sometimes no less than 5 wipes do the job!

Instead of wasting so much paper (and money), we decided to invest in several dozen cloth wipes which can be easily washed and reused. The trick was finding a way to wet the cloth wipes, without letting them soak in liquid for an undetermined amount of time. I’m super paranoid about mold or some other weird funkiness.

Now, I know there are multiple ways to skin a cat which means that this isn’t the only way to clean your baby’s bottom. It’s just our way and has worked well for us the past 16 months.

A quick note about each ingredient and their purposes. Lavender essential oil adds a soothing and refreshing scent. Tea tree essential oil has antibacterial/antiseptic/antimicrobial properties. The olive oil is used as your carrier oil, necessary for the essential oils to be used properly on skin. Baby soap is to clean more effectively than just plain water and the witch hazel is an astringent that soothes and cools the skin.

Homemade Natural Diaper Wipe Solution
Makes: 1 quart

4 cups distilled or purified water
4 tablespoons olive oil (grape seed or almond oil works well, too)
4 tablespoons baby soap (Dr. Bronner’s Baby Mild castile soap is my favorite, but regular baby soap works fine)
4 tablespoons witch hazel
20-30 drops lavender essential oil
10 drops tea tree essential oil

In a designated plastic or glass quart container, mix together all the ingredients. Cover with lid and store at room temperature. Before each use, give the container a gentle shake to ensure all the ingredients are combined since the oil will rise to the top. For best results, use up in 2 weeks but if you’re using it every day for baby, it will be gone in about 1 week. Also, essential oils are strong so if you notice any irritation on baby’s bottom from them, simply reduce the amount of drops used or leave them out. Quick tip: If you don’t have a wipe warmer, you can easily microwave this solution for about 30 seconds before using it so that it’s nice and warm for baby’s bottom.

That’s it! Easy and inexpensive.

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