the first trimester: bebé dos

As promised last week, I’m going to try and share a little bit more this time around about pregnancy. I won’t be going overboard but it’ll be good to look back and read these posts down the road, however many I decide to write.

First, I can’t believe (ok, yes I can) how quickly the weeks have already flown by thus far. When I was pregnant with Kaleb, it felt like every single week ticked by at a snails pace. I’m sure it has something to do with the fact that there was no other kid around to keep me busy. Now, I only know how many weeks I’m along because my husband will randomly ask me and then I have to look it up on my phone.

^^A photo of a dozen red roses from my husband, just because they’re pretty and make me feel less sick.

When we first found out that I was pregnant, we were pretty much in denial. It’s funny now, looking back at how we reacted initially. I think no less than 5 at-home pregnancy tests were taken by me until we finally saw the digital word that said ‘pregnant’ and there was no denying it. Don’t get me wrong, we are very excited about this bebé and know that pregnancy is such a blessing and privilege!

So, about two weeks after finding out (I was about 7 weeks at this point) The Sickness started. Let’s just call it that from now on, because it deserves its’ own name. For those of you who know me, I have a serious phobia of vomiting. It’s pathetic how I’ll suffer through all-day constant nausea just because I don’t want to vomit. Enough about that, let’s move right along. Needless to say, feeling like you’re on a small boat in the middle of a rough ocean all day long is a good analogy to describe how I’ve been feeling.

There wasn’t much I could eat, once The Sickness started. Nothing and I mean nothing sounded appetizing. There were so many days were I lived off soda crackers, plain Cheerios and toast with plain cream cheese. Also, I craved really salty foods and anything sweet just sounded terrible. That’s ironic because I have a pretty big sweet tooth. The craziest part of it all was that drinking water absolutely made me gag. Even ICE COLD. I tried having sparkling water (grapefruit flavored) and that helped some, and thankfully I never became dehydrated even with all the running I’ve been doing.

^^Proof that I went through a fast-food drive thru and ordered a small vanilla Frosty (the one time something sweet sounded good) and small french fries. Who am I?!

Speaking of running, I’ve been so blessed this time around that I’m still able to run and plan on doing do as long as I can. I did take a week off at one point (docs orders) but other than that, I’ve been cleared to continue my regular exercise regimen. Since I was running regularly before getting pregnant and doing Pilates, the green light is still on although Pilates has been difficult to do because all the movement makes the nausea worse. Running on the other hand, actually has helped with The Sickness. That is, it helps until I’m done running and then it’s back to “I’m on the rolling seas in a tiny rowboat”.

^^A few of these bags were consumed in the first few weeks, particularly on the days I was really craving some salt. So, so bad for me plus I normally don’t even like chips. Ugh and again, who am I?!

Going to the grocery store (my weekly Friday routine) definitely got put on hold because all the smells inside grocery stores absolutely make the nausea worse. My sweet husband has taken over menu planning, list making and grocery shopping on the weekends. Bless his heart. He’s actually still doing it for now because I’m still dealing with The Sickness.

And now for some fun questions…

Didn’t you just have a baby? Yes, yes I did. OK. The real answer is: no. My baby (who will always be my baby…waaaah!) will be 17 months next week. Which means, when bebé makes his/her appearance next year, we will be juggling two kids under two. All words of wisdom from mommas with a newborn & a toddler are much appreciated.

When are you due? March 25, which puts me at exactly 15 weeks tomorrow. Random fun fact: I know 4 different women who are also due in March, two within 6 days of my due date. Crazy and yet so fun knowing that I’m not venturing alone on this pregnancy!

How/when did you break the news to family & friends? My husband and I sort of started this tradition back with Kaleb, of sending a photo to announce the pregnancy. So we did the same thing again this time, with a different spin on it of course. It’s always fun to send snail mail because a) people don’t usually expect it and b) we know everyone will typically get the news at the same time (some don’t have internet…like grandmother’s, etc.). We waited until after my 13 week appointment to send the announcement. A week later, it was officially on the internet when I posted the announcement on here and Instagram.

How have you been feeling? See intro paragraphs above. As of this post, I haven’t felt as sick as I have been and am hopeful that this means I’m turning the corner back into normal-land. The worst of The Sickness was weeks 9-11 and even though I kept up with running, we mostly stayed home and Kaleb watched his fair share of Veggie Tales while I lay on the couch. Oh, and I did manage to attend my MOPS meetings. Basically, I wake up and get nauseous right away until usually after lunchtime. Most days, it’s been hard to eat breakfast and lunch but knowing how much worse I feel if I don’t eat usually makes me try and force a little something down. I definitely wasn’t this sick with Kaleb, so of course everyone thinks this bebé is a girl. Sleep! Goodness, I have to mention this because it’s so different this time around. I have had serious insomnia with bebé dos, which is sad because then I just feel like I drag around all day. So, I try to go to bed earlier than usual in hopes that I’ll actually be able to get some sleep. Some nights it works, others it doesn’t.

So, what foods have you been able to eat or not eat? Breakfast has been a slice of whole wheat toast (very toasted) with plain cream cheese, a small cup of almond milk and sometimes a hardboiled egg. Lunch is usually leftovers from dinner the night before, but many times it just didn’t sound appealing to me (even though I had eaten it for dinner!) so I would have a bowl of plain Cheerios and some cheese. Dinner has been full of carbs and cheese. It’s so sad that I can’t even drink a smoothie with greens in it, so needless to say after all these weeks of carbs & cheese, I’m looking forward to eating vegetables again.

^^More proof of carb-y, cheesy things we have been eating for dinner. This one actually had broccoli in it and I ate some!

Are you showing yet? Ahem, yes. I didn’t show with Kaleb until about 17 weeks and this time around (besides the obvious bloating) a little bump definitely appeared around 12 weeks. I unashamedly have been wearing my maternity shorts for a few weeks now. It’s either that or workout shorts. I’m still able to wear my regular tees and tanks for the most part, but there’s no shame in busting out the maternity ones. Comfort over vanity, y’all.

^^A more recent purchase, because something sweet & salty actually sounded good.

Congratulations, you made it to the end of 1,356 words about my first trimester in all its glory. Thanks for humoring me and reading along. I’ll try to not be so awkward every time I post about pregnancy.

10 thoughts on “the first trimester: bebé dos

  1. Amy says:

    First time reader! I am due March 27th! I was sooooo sick for the first 12 weeks-like, the entire day sick-the only time I wasn’t was when I was exercising or sleeping! I’m feeling better, though not 100%. I look forward to following your pregnancy along with mine!

  2. Emily of Sugar Plum says:

    I have yet to experience “the sickness”. I’m definitely dreading it someday! I think I would be like you… when I’m feeling bad I like salty things like fries and chips. Those Cape Cod chips are good! But yes, definitely bad for you. 🙂 oh well! I say you get to eat what you want when you’re pregnant! Congratulations again, by the way! Can’t wait to follow along with you. Are you going to find out if it’s a boy or a girl? I’m sure you’re getting that question a lot… don’t answer that.
    That bark looks good! I alllmost bought that the other day! They have a white chocolate version too.

    • Urban Wife says:

      When that time comes for you, maybe you’ll be one of the lucky ones who doesn’t get sick. 😉 We are going to find out the sex of the baby, in a few weeks. I’d love for it to be a surprise but not sure if I could stand the suspense either. The cowboy bark was decent, but I wanted it to be saltier – go figure. I did see the white chocolate one but it didn’t sound appealing to me at the time. Let me know if you try it!

  3. thegrommom says:

    Just getting back from my conference so catching up and WOW!! So happy for you! I’m so sorry, I hate hate hate the first trimester sickness– 😛 but hoping you pull out of that fully soon!
    We had our #2 just a week before our first turned two…and now they are the best of friends. I’m certain it will be the same for you!
    I’ll be praying for you, and can’t wait to follow along here! xo

    • Urban Wife says:

      Thanks for your excitement and prayers, Monica!! 🙂 I’ve been having a good past 3 days so far, so I’m hoping that the worst is over. That’s awesome to hear about your first two boys and how close they are now – definitely gives me hope, whether it’s a boy or girl we end up having.

  4. Madison Mayberry Hofmeyer says:

    Love this! I totally relate to you about the grocery shopping. I LOVE going to the grocery store but I really dreaded it from weeks 8-15 when everything smelled bad and just thinking about eating food would make me feel horrible. It was all about getting in and out as fast as possible. So happy you have a supportive hubby who is willing to pick up the slack. Congrats again! Yay for March babies!

    • Urban Wife says:

      You were way stronger than me, then! Haha, I think if I didn’t also have a toddler to take with me to the store maybe I would’ve made more of an effort to just suck it up and do it. Thanks friend, and yay for March babies indeed! 🙂

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