Bash and the Chicken Coop Caper {book review}

I have really good memories of all the hours I spent reading, as a child. Since I was homeschooled for a good portion of my elementary & middle school years, we often had more freedom to do things we enjoyed, once the schoolwork was completed. For me, things I enjoyed were reading and playing outside, among other things. Also, I remember being in the car or other places a lot (my mom was attending university + teaching private piano lessons, not to mention all our extracurricular activities) and reading on the go. Now, I get carsick just thinking about reading in a moving car.

As I got older (8 yrs.+), I realized that some of my favorite books weren’t necessarily the ones with a lot of illustrations in them. Sure, those were fun and sometimes nice to read but for the most part books like the ‘Anne of Green Gables’ series or ‘The Boxcar Children’ or ‘Nancy Drew’ were absolutely my favorite ones. They were so well written that I could just read the words on the pages and let my imagination fill in the images the author was so vividly describing.

That’s how ‘Bash and the Chicken Coop Caper’ is written, with just one simple black & white illustration at the beginning of each chapter. In fact, when I first picked it up and read through it, it brought a smile to my face and I just knew that 8 year old me would have really loved reading this book. Too bad it wasn’t around then!

The story is about a boy named Bash, who lives on a farm and his cousin Ray, who lives in the city. One day, Ray goes to visit his cousin Bash at the farm. Bash is thrilled to have a visitor because now he can share his adventures with someone else. They’re adventures all right, anything from using Mom’s good sheets to sail-snowboard off the top of the chicken coop all the way to putting pigs on ice skates.

Each chapter has one small illustration and the entire book is written in black & white, in a sort of newspaper or journal fashion. I think this style of writing can be great for kids because it allows their mind to focus on the words and let their imagination fill in the blanks.

One really neat thing about ‘Bash and the Chicken Coop Caper’ is that there are Bible verses and stories that are brought up in the dialogue between the kids. It weaves seamlessly into the storyline, so that it doesn’t feel clunky or out of place. The kids learn about the fruits of the Spirit, the story of Daniel in the lions den, the story of Joseph among other Bible stories. The way in which the author makes these all relatable to kids and a part of the storyline is quite unique and well done.

Overall, I really enjoyed getting the chance to read ‘Bash and the Chicken Coop Caper’, though I’m sure 8 year old me would have loved it even more! If you have any kids (particularly boys ages 8-14ish) who love reading good stories, this book would be perfect for them.

p.s. There are 2 other books in this series and you can see those titles on the B&H Publishing Group website.

For more about the author, read his biography here. ‘Bash and the Chicken Coop Caper’ is available for purchase on LifeWay, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound and other retailers, as well as in digital format.

Disclosure: This book was kindly provided to me by Shelton Interactive for my honest review. No compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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