fitness lately: September

It’s that time of month, where I share a quick recap of my fitness for the previous month. Yay! I’ve actually been enjoying writing these posts. They’re nice to look back on and see where I was at and what I was doing.

Overall, I had a decent month with my running and even passed my goal by a slim margin! Total mileage: 52.40 miles

By the way, the title for this post should actually be FITNESS: THE FIRST TRIMESTER EDITION and HOW I RAN WHILE BEING SICK. But, in trying to keep things fairly cohesive, I’ll just leave it as is for now and fill in the details as they happen.

^^on a run, the first day it felt like fall. this week it’s in the 80-90’s. ugh.

Here’s a breakdown of what each week actually looked like:

Week 1
3 mi // 3 mi // 3 mi // 3 mi
Week 2
4 mi // 3 mi // 2.8 mi
Week 3
3.6 mi // 2.6 mi // 3 mi // 3 mi
Week 4
3.5 mi // 3.6 mi // 4 mi
Week 5
3.3 mi // 4 mi

I’ve conceded defeat in the doing daily Pilates department. I mentioned briefly last week that anytime I would do Pilates, it would inevitably end up making me feel sicker and more nauseous, so I just gave up on trying. That makes me sad because I can definitely tell my posture and muscle tone has suffered. I’ve “started over” again instead with doing prenatal Pilates (I’m testing out a few different DVD’s, more on that later) now that I’m feeling marginally better and can’t do some of the more advanced moves I was doing previously.

Running has been my saving grace, literally. It’s strange because I don’t have anything to a compare it to, since when I was pregnant with Kaleb I didn’t technically run (just on the elliptical, after I was 15 weeks) so strange in the sense that I’m actually amazed I can still run fairly well and somewhat consistently. My paces have pretty much kept around a 10:00 minute mile average which I’m counting as a win in my book. As you can see from above, some weeks my mileage is low and other weeks I ramp it up. It all just comes down to how I’m feeling on a daily basis, although I try to get at least one longer run in per week if possible.

^^one of my first treadmill runs (each ‘lap’ = 1 mile)

Something that’s put a damper on my running have been allergies. Wow, y’all. So, I normally (when I’m not pregnant) never have issues with allergies even after we moved to Texas which I thought was lovely. I basically get pregnancy-induced allergies, if that’s even a thing. I just know it’s the only time it happens to me. In the past month, I had 3 awful allergy attacks and subsequent sinus headaches (all the effects last 2-3 days after a run!) after running outdoors so until ragweed allergy season is over, I’m going to hit the treadmill. It’s not my favorite way to run, but I know that I can and will do it just to not suffer like I have been every time I go running outdoors. You win, central Texas, for extremely high ragweed pollen counts.

Overall, I’m just happy and blessed that I’m able to continue being active during this pregnancy and definitely don’t take it for granted. When I have days where I don’t exercise, I’ve learned to give myself plenty of grace. After all, I am growing another human. My only goal this month is to stick to my treadmill running and see how the prenatal Pilates goes for me. I’m hoping to hit 50 miles again this month, next month I’ll let you know how I do! Finally, because of the allergies I’m going to hold off on signing up for any races for now but I’ll certainly be cheering on my husband as he races his very first half marathon in a few weeks!

How’s your fitness looking these days? I’d love to hear all about it!

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