Stitch Fix Review #5

After my last Stitch Fix experience a few months ago, I hesitated and kept putting off my next fix for one reason or another. Fun fact: I was actually pregnant (and knew it!) when I took all those pictures of my last fix.

If you read my previous fix review, you might recall that I ended up sending back all 5 items. Yes, I lost my $20 styling fee but after reaching out to their customer service and giving some feedback, Stitch Fix kindly offered to credit my account for the styling fee and send me another fix. That fix is what I’m showing you today. {p.s. Check out my past fix reviews here.}

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the 5 items I received in my fix this time. By the way, because I’m currently in the awkward stage of pregnancy where I’m showing a little bit but not quite enough to warrant cute belly shots, I decided to just show you pictures of the items on a hanger. You’re welcome. Also, I’m sorry in advance for using the phrase “growing baby bump” a million times.

1. Skies Are Blue: Benson Embroidered Trim Top (made in China, 70% cotton/30% polyester, hand wash cold, lay flat to dry, Light Grey with purple, teal and peach embroidery trim details)

Normally, this top would fit me but since I’m only going to continue growing a baby bump, it’s not a top that will transition well. While the material felt a bit on the thinner side, it was comfortable and with proper care would probably last for some time. Sadly, this top went back because it was too tight around the belly.

A detail of the flattering neckline.

The colors used on the embroidery trim complemented each other nicely.

2. 41Hawthorn: Candice Embellished Tie-Waist Tunic (made in China, 85% rayon/15% linen, hand wash cold, tumble dry low, Navy with silver embellishment & embroidery)

First, this tunic has a great color! I like navy and don’t own anything similar in this color, so I was excited to possibly add it to my wardrobe. The problem with this blouse was the fit. It was weird, as in the armholes went down almost to my waist making it way too big even if it meant room for the expanding baby bump. In fact, one of the suggested ways of wearing this tunic (on the style card included) was as a beach or pool cover-up. For the price, I wouldn’t take it anywhere near those rough elements. I like tunics especially when I’m pregnant but unfortunately, this one was way too big and not practically wearable so it had to go back.
^^This picture above makes it look like an ombre color, but it is NOT like that, just the weird lighting when I took the picture. The most accurate shade is the color on the top part of the blouse or as seen in the picture right below, which is the darker navy.

3. Papermoon: Misti Belted Flutter Sleeve Dress (made in USA, 100% rayon, hand wash cold, hang to dry, Black and White patterned)

Black and white goes well with most anything, so this dress definitely appealed to me in that sense. The busyness of the pattern all over wasn’t something I was a big fan of and the flutter sleeves definitely did not work with my bustier top. Instead of a dress, the fit was more like a tunic, since it hit above my knees even for a short person like myself although to be fair some of that can be attributed to my slightly-awkward-barely-there-baby-bump. It definitely won’t transition as a dress unless I choose to wear leggings or skinny jeans underneath. After some long moments of indecision, I finally decided to send it back because of the pattern and sleeves.

Up close look at the pattern detail.

4. Gilli: Jessie Basket Weave Detail Jersey Maxi Dress (made in the USA, 95% viscose/5% spandex, hand wash cold, lay flat to dry, Black with v-neckline and basket weave detail)

I really loved this dress, everything from the color to the comfortable fabric. It’s also made in the USA and even though care instructions are hand wash/lay flat to dry (I try to stay away from delicates) I considered it as a casual date night/day item which I did request for this fix. A bonus is that it would transition well with my growing baby bump and even into the colder months, I could pair it with my camel color riding boots and a jean jacket. The one thing I could not get over was the exorbitant (truly!) price and in the end, decided I would rather not spend that much on a casual dress.

A close up shot of the basket weave detail, which is right at the neckline. While the neckline may look revealing as it hangs on the hanger, it provided good coverage.

5. 41Hawthorn: Faya Sleeveless Keyhole Fit & Flare Dress (made in China, no other tags or garment care instructions but I’m guessing it’s also hand wash cold, hang to dry, material felt like polyester or lycra?, Burgundy color with silver zipper)

This dress was a good length, hitting me just below the knees. The color is like a malbec or merlot wine, so it certainly complimented my olive tone skin. It almost looks like the skirt portion of the dress is pleated but it wasn’t quite that bad, since it flared more loosely. I think the keyhole detail at the neckline was a nice touch and the long zipper in the back added an interesting dimension to an otherwise plain dress. The zipper didn’t feel very sturdy but the dress material was quite thick and sewn well. Sadly, this dress won’t keep up with my growing baby bump and it just doesn’t look right as a tunic.

Detail of the long zipper on the backside.

A close up of the keyhole at the neckline.

If you’ve kept tally, I didn’t keep a single item from this fix.

As usual, I will admit my fix was convenient. It is always easier to go “clothes shopping” at home while the toddler is napping versus trying to find time to visit a mall.

Cost is one of those subjective things, where something I think is expensive might not be for someone else but I have to say that the overall trend is that the items I receive (based solely on quality, tailoring, fabric, garment care) tend to be on the pricier side. In fact, here’s something interesting to ponder: 3 out of 5 items were made in China and those tended to be the most expensive ones.

As far as the style of the items I received this time, I think the stylist did a better job of paying attention to my style profile, Pinterest board, and specific fix notes. That was encouraging even if most of the pieces (4 out of 5) I received wouldn’t actually transition throughout the remainder of my pregnancy.

That’s it for now! Thanks for sticking around with my wordy post, but hopefully you’ve found it helpful especially if you’re here because you did a Google search for any of these specific items. (I’m not the only one who does that, right? You know what I’m talking about, peeking to see what you’ve been sent before you actually receive your fix…aha!)

Fellow Stitch Fixers…what’s been in your box lately? I love hearing what other people get in their fixes, since each fix is unique. Feel free to leave a link if you have a blog post about it! If you don’t use Stitch Fix, what are some of your favorite go-to pieces of clothing?

*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I purchased the Stitch Fix box with my own money and all opinions are my own. This post does contain referral links for new sign-ups that gives me a small credit towards my next fix. Thank you!

4 thoughts on “Stitch Fix Review #5

    • Urban Wife says:

      Thanks, the outfits were definitely more my style this fix than the last one. It’s just too bad I wouldn’t be able to wear them much longer. If you do try it out, I’d love to hear what you think about it!

  1. madisonmhofmeyer says:

    My last fix was HORRIBLE. So bad that I didn’t blog it at all because I just shuffled everything back into the return envelop right away. I specifically said I was going to be 17 weeks pregnant when I got my fix. What did I get? 2 waist-defining dresses that were sleeveless, a sleeveless summer blouse (for fall/winter?) and a pair of tight black pants. Yikes! Fingers crossed the fix that just shipped is much better.

    • Urban Wife says:

      Wow, that’s awful about your fix! I think the main thing that really frustrates me is the inconsistency of fixes and lack of the stylist paying attention to notes. It sounds like you get fixes more regularly than I do, but I’m just not convinced enough (yet) to sign up for automatic fixes because of my experiences. I sure hope your next fix is an improvement!

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