pumpkin patch toddler version

This year marked our second venture to a pumpkin patch slash fall festival with our son. We went to a different location this year and they definitely had a lot more things for kids to do (not necessarily small toddlers, though) and it was a bigger community event. In a way, the one last year was nice and laid back which I rather enjoyed better. Or maybe it’s because we had a baby then and not a toddler? Perspective.

This was taken at last year’s pumpkin patch {you can read that recap here}:

And this year:

So, really not much has changed in that there’s always something more interesting to look at than Momma and her camera. Also of note: last year apparently it was cooler outside than this year. I mean, this is October and he’s wearing a short sleeve outfit. Sigh.

I love photography. It’s amazing how much detail my mind can recall just from looking at a photograph. The smells of popcorn and fried foods, loud joyous voices of children picking out pumpkins and the way Kaleb kept pointing at every.single.thing.possible and grunting in the process.

All the pointing and grunting aside, we had a fun time at the pumpkin patch. It was definitely a lot different than last year’s experience, where at 5 months old, our son was just learning to sit up on his own without toppling over and most certainly wasn’t mobile. This year we did a lot of chasing down and occasional mandatory hand holding, with our almost 18 month old.

Obviously, he was concentrating really hard on finding THE pumpkin. Seriously though, it was hilarious how he would try and dead lift those giant 20 and 30 pound pumpkins. We let him keep trying because, well, we like a good laugh at his expense. I’m kidding. He eventually realized he couldn’t lift it by himself and gave up.

He was quite adamant about climbing up on and sitting on each and every pumpkin. I’m sure everyone else looking for pumpkins appreciated that.

Besides the pumpkin patch, there was a fall festival happening on the same grounds and we walked around (hand holding the toddler, at this point) to check out all the activities. They had a petting zoo, donkey rides, several bounce houses, and a bunch of food options. Basically, it was everything that wasn’t age appropriate for our little toddler except the petting zoo which had a very long line. Long lines and small toddlers do not mix.

Maybe next year he can do some of the activities.

“No”, you say? I guess we’ll just stick to playing with pumpkins then.

One thought on “pumpkin patch toddler version

  1. Lucy Pollard-Gott says:

    Wonderful record of your visit. Your son is so at ease; he looked confident that he was more or less in charge of how this outing would go! 🙂 Really adorable–thanks for sharing the fun. And what weather you had!

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