halfway there: bebé dos

Whoa, we’re halfway there
Whoa-oh, livin’ on a prayer
Take my hand, we’ll make it I swear
Whoa-oh, livin’ on a prayer
Livin’ on a prayer!

Does anyone else automatically think of Bon Jovi’s song “Livin’ on a Prayer” when you hear the phrase ‘halfway there’? If not, just call me weird and let’s move on.

Today officially marks the halfway point of this pregnancy. I didn’t want to sound cliche and say this, but truly I can’t believe we’re already at this point. Somehow, I think time sort of goes on this warp speed journey when you have another child and are pregnant. Days blur into nights which blur into weeks and months. That’s how this pregnancy has felt, especially now that The Sickness is (mostly) a thing of the past.

How I’m Feeling, Physically
I’m still keeping up with running which has been a wonderful blessing and have written about this at quite an extent with my running posts. Besides the exercise component and despite the extra few pounds I’ve put on for bebé, I pretty much feel like my normal pre-pregnancy self again.

Sleep has been okay, considering I’m making one or two less nightly trips to the bathroom. I am having a hard time getting situated and comfortable throughout the night but over the weekend decided to invest some money in a good pregnancy pillow. I’m hoping it lives up to the glowing reviews because I’d love to get some decent sleep before bebé arrives. Despite the sleep situation, I’m thankful to have good energy throughout the day and rarely nap now so that’s helped me be more productive again.

My hunger is back to normal and I definitely need a good protein snack right before bed, or else I wake up feeling like it’s the first trimester all over again. During the day, I make sure to drink tons of water and when I start feeling even a little hungry, I grab a snack. Usually it’s one of these: almonds, peanuts, yogurt, cheese, fruit or a smoothie. Thankfully, I can’t really say I have many aversions except that I really don’t want to eat Chipotle, enchiladas or pasta anytime soon. My sweet tooth is making a small comeback so from here on out I just have to satisfy it the healthier way. I also had a major aversion to the smell and taste of coffee during the first trimester but just the other day tried one for the first time and it was actually good! Hooray.

How I’m Feeling, Emotionally
We had our big ultrasound this past Monday and thankfully everything is normal and bebé looks good. This time around, we decided to NOT find out the sex of the baby which is very exciting. We have potential names picked out for both boy and girl, but won’t be sharing those either until after the birth. I’m so stoked to be doing this part differently this time around.

I think I was more emotional during my pregnancy with our son, because so far this pregnancy I haven’t really had any moments where I cry or am moved easily. It’s weird, I know but promise I’m not some cold hearted person. Except randomly this past Sunday when I was watching the NYC Marathon and started crying after the first women runners crossed the finish line. I’m such a sap. I’m thinking the real emotional stuff will be as we get closer and I start thinking more about how our son won’t be the only baby anymore. Sigh.

Something else that’s been great is getting to know other moms (especially ones due right around when I am) through my MOPS group and also a local running mom’s group. Even though I’m an introvert, it’s been a good experience getting out of my comfort zone and learning to navigate the waters of play dates and mommy groups. Overall, it’s nice to be able to have emotional support from others’ who are going through (or have already been through) similar journeys as mommas.

Practical Preparations
It’s funny because when I was at this point last time, I was already starting to do research and worrying about putting together a baby registry. Things are certainly different with subsequent kids, as we’ve already experienced! I’m still looking forward to taking inventory of what we already have and can use plus seeing if there’s anything crucial we need to replace or purchase. The plus side of having already been through this rodeo once before is that even though every baby is different, we can count on a few basic things being the same initially.

On a semi-related note to being practically prepared, I’m realizing that my maternity wardrobe is lacking. I’m not sure what I was wearing last time but either the few things I bought already look worse for wear or they’re just not good basics. I’m slowly investing in some key pieces, making sure to think about quality over quantity, classic and neutral basics over trendy pieces. Wish me luck because fashion and style are not one of my strengths.

As far as preparing our son for his new role as a big brother, I’m a little anxious about it some days but most of the time I’m really not worried about it. It’s one of those things we will take as it comes. In the meantime, I do talk to him about bebé and show him my growing baby bump, to which he is totally clueless about. Oh, to be 1.5 years old.

Overall, I’m trying to stay focused on being present during this holiday season (and planning out details for our Christmas vacation slash babymoon!) and enjoying our time as a family of 3. I’ll probably get more serious about preparing for bebé once the new year rolls around.

That’s all I have for now as an update! If you want to catch some more real life moments, follow along on Instagram. (And if you already follow me, I apologize for recycling photos for this post. Laziness won today.)

5 thoughts on “halfway there: bebé dos

  1. sugarplumblog says:

    Oh thanks a lot! Now I have “Livin’ on a Prayer” stuck in my head Haha.
    I’m glad your coffee aversion has gone away. I can’t imagine not having a cup of coffee every day.

    I wonder if it’s a boy or girl… what do you think??

  2. Kia says:

    Yay for being halfway there! I can’t wait til I get to that point. Seems like pregnancy is going pretty good for you. That’s great that you’re feeling more like your pre-pregnancy self…I hope to say that soon. I recently started blogging about my pregnancy over on ComeWagAlong.com. I followed you and hopefully you can do the same 🙂

  3. Lucy Pollard-Gott says:

    Really love your beautiful photo–thanks for offering it to your grateful readers. I appreciate your posts, storing up the knowledge for that time (in undetermined future) when I might be grandmother material and expected to know something! It’s amazing how many details one forgets after 20-30 years! All best wishes to you!

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