weekend reading 2.0

**Because every so often, I come across some great stuff and feel the need to share it. Happy reading and happy weekend, friends.

I love Robin’s blog and she totally hits it out of the park with this post about confessions from a Pilates instructor. I can relate to so many of these, even if I’m not an instructor.


Why we shouldn’t avoid the conversation when our kids tell us they “want to be rich”.

“When we shut the conversation down or don’t tell the truth or the whole truth, kids can usually tell. And what they learn is that they should go elsewhere with their biggest questions.”


This honest and transparent post about our life online and examining the heart issue behind what we choose to share. {The comments section is wonderful, too.}


Confession: I’m always a few years behind on trends but the past few weeks I’ve been doing a lot more reading about capsule wardrobes. Then, a few weeks ago a fellow mom mentioned Caroline’s blog to me and I devoured every single post in a few days time. Now, I’m obsessed with having my own (minimalist) capsule wardrobe and making it work for pregnancy.


Finally, this piece about dependence versus independence in raising our kids, was very thought provoking.

“What about something else altogether? Not dependence, not independence, but something more like interdependence, where we acknowledge our mutual reliance, count on cooperation, and nurture generosity, compassion and charity.”

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