fitness lately: October

Another month, another recap. It’s my favorite time of the month, where I share a quick recap of my fitness for the previous month. Yay!  {To catch up on all my monthly recaps, you can find them here.}

Looking back at October, I had another decent month with my running and even surprised myself by meeting my mileage goal again. Total mileage: 50 miles

Here’s a breakdown of what each week actually looked like:

Week 1
3 mi // 3 mi
Week 2
3 mi // 3 mi // 3 mi
Week 3
3 mi // 3 mi // 4 mi
Week 4
3 mi // 2 mi // 3 mi // 3 mi
Week 5
4 mi // 3 mi // 2.75 mi // 4.25 mi

The real facts behind my picture up there showing that 4 mile run goes something like this each time. It takes me about 11-12 minutes to warm up that first mile. Then, I’m good to go and can keep running around 10 minutes each mile after that. In other words, overall time and average pace don’t always tell the whole story.

Besides running, I mentioned last month that I was testing out a few different prenatal Pilates DVD’s. The only thing worth mentioning about them is that they were too easy for me and also really short. While I know there are great, structured programs I can pay for like this one, I’m not quite at the point yet (and not sure if I will be in this pregnancy) where I can justify spending the money. Since Pilates hasn’t been my primary mode of exercise during this pregnancy, I’ve been sticking to the free workouts. Honestly, I’m still loving this prenatal yoga DVD which I used a lot last pregnancy, and will probably just stick with that combined with light upper body strength training and some additional legwork.

The one new thing I started noticing toward the end of the month was that I really needed some sort of support for my lower back. When I would finish my runs, my back was feeling a lot more tight & sore than usual and I’m sure that’s because my growing uterus is causing those changes. {Update: As of a few days ago, I’ve started using the Gabrialla Elastic Maternity Support Belt and it’s already helped immensely. More on it next time.} My paces are still averaging around 10:00 minute miles, once I get warmed up after a mile or so but on days I’m feeling more tired, I’m just happy to keep a steady jog and not look at my pace or time.

I’ll say it again but I’m just so, so grateful that I’ve been able to keep up with running as long as I have. I don’t see myself having to stop or slow down (much) anytime soon, which is great but it’s not something I take for granted. Every day that I’m able to get a run in, is a good day!

My goals this month are to get back to outdoor running (yay for allergies finally being gone!) and possibly run a Turkey Trot race on Thanksgiving day. We’ll see how I’m feeling as we get closer to the race – I’ll be sure to keep you guys posted either way! Mileage wise, I’m hoping to hit at least 50 miles again this month.

How’s your fitness looking these days? Is anyone running outdoors in the bitter cold or *gasp* snow? I’d love to hear all about it!

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