First Trimester Favorites

Does anyone else get a kick out of reading about other people’s preferences and likes/dislikes? For me, it can be fascinating to take a peek into how other people do things or what things they like. It’s like if you came over to our house and looked inside our refrigerator or closet.

I know that when I was pregnant with our son two years ago, I loved reading about all the different recommendations and lists of favorite products. Some things are more personal than others but there are some great ideas out there and many times, reading those lists is how I come across new things to try. Also, there were no where near the abundance of products or information that we have at our disposal now. It can be overwhelming!

Obviously, please feel free to disregard this post if it doesn’t interest you or apply to you. Even though at this point I’m well into my second trimester, here’s a look at a few of my favorite things I relied on to get me through the first trimester of this pregnancy.

1 // Coconut oil: My sense of smell was ridiculously heightened during the first trimester, more so than the last time from what I recall. Everything had to be unscented (you can imagine, washing my hair wasn’t fun) but the one scent my nose could stand was this coconut oil. It has a very light, subtle coconut smell but it’s not like the fake coconut scents you think of so it didn’t bother me. I used it for moisturizing and even for my naturally curly hair.

2 // Basic body pillow: I actually had this from my first pregnancy a few years ago and bought it at Target for $10. I mostly used it to prop up my head higher than normal, because my sinuses were super sensitive to allergies and I was really stuffy a lot of the time. Some nights, I used it between my legs especially as I got closer to the end of the first trimester.

3 // Prenatal vitamins: It’s been years (at least 5) since I’ve been taking prenatal vitamins, even before we started thinking about having kids. I was never a big fan of the plain women’s multivitamins so I started using prenatal. Out of all the brands I’ve tried, NatureMade is my favorite and I find it to be least upsetting to my sensitive stomach and gag reflex during the first few months (and beyond) of pregnancy.

4 // Saltines: There were many days, where I couldn’t stomach much food other than crackers. Since my husband was doing all the grocery shopping, he ended up buy the generic store brand unsalted Saltine crackers although these Annie’s ones are super tasty. I can’t begin to count how many boxes of Saltines I went through, but for sure it was at least 1 box per week. Yikes.

5 // Sparkling water: I’ve always been a huge water lover + drinker, but for some weird reason this time around in pregnancy I had a hard time making myself drink it. Enter: this water alternative. It’s still water and doesn’t have any added fruit juice/sugar but instead, is naturally flavored to taste like grapefruit (my favorite) and most importantly, is carbonated. Definitely a lifesaver during those times I couldn’t just bear the thought of another plain glass of water!

6 // Lip balm: I’ve had really extra chapped lips during this pregnancy, especially during that first trimester. This grapefruit lip balm by Burt’s Bees is the only one I ever could stand to use, both in scent and texture. In fact, I’ve been using this same exact balm for a few years now even when I’m not pregnant and just absolutely love it. Again, it has a grapefruit scent but it’s not overwhelming or fake smelling and didn’t bother me one bit.

7 // Glass water bottle: This was actually a more recent purchase, but as weird as this sounds, my plastic (BPA-free, etc) water bottle that I was using during the first trimester really started to bother me. As in, I could smell and taste the plastic even though I know that really was just my heightened sense of smell and that nothing was wrong with the bottle, like plastic leeching or anything. I love my Lifefactory glass bottle and having the measurements on the bottle really helps me make sure I’m drinking enough water throughout the day.

**Not pictured but most importantly: an amazing, supportive husband + a (mostly) patient toddler

3 thoughts on “First Trimester Favorites

  1. sugarplumblog says:

    Oooh I love TJ’s coconut oil. I use that stuff for a lot of things! I need to get some more. I also love Burt’s chapstick. I haven’t tried the grapefruit flavor yet. I love la croix, too! What’s your favorite flavor?

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