fitness lately: November

Another month, another recap. It’s my favorite time of the month, where I share a quick recap of my fitness for the previous month. Yay!  {To catch up on all my monthly recaps, you can find them here.}

Looking back at November, I had what I consider an “off” month with my running which I’ll get to below. Total mileage: 37.61 miles

Here’s a breakdown of what each week actually looked like:

Week 1
3 mi //
Week 2
1.84 mi // 3 mi // 3 mi // 5 mi
Week 3
3 mi // 3 mi // 1.84 mi
Week 4
2.5 mi // 3 mi // 2.43 mi // 3 mi // 3 mi

This past month, I didn’t hit my goal of getting in 50 miles but there’s a pretty good reason for that. During the first week of the month, I got a really bad cold and missed out on several potential days of running. Thankfully, I was able to shake the cold fairly quickly (a lot of ACV cocktails for the win) and get back to running the following week. In fact, I even managed to run a 5 miler last month and no, it’s not a typo. Five miles, y’all! Even though it was on the treadmill (due to obligatory restroom breaks), I managed to feel fairly good even after that longer run. I don’t see it necessarily becoming a new normal but if I’m feeling up to a longer run, I’ll go for it. Also, I mentioned last month about possibly running a Turkey Trot race, but decided to not run it. Since I hadn’t been able to get as much running in due to being sick earlier in the month, I thought that was the best course of action.

Maybe at this point it’s unnecessary to mention my running pace but at the same time, I think it’ll be neat to look back and see the progression (or in this case, reverse progression) throughout my pregnancy. It still takes me about 11-12 minutes to warm up for the first mile before I start feeling comfortable enough to go a bit quicker. The “quicker” part is what is becoming a bit more of a gray area. It was holding pretty steady at 10 minute miles but have noticed that the past week or two, that number can fluctuate a bit. I would say that 10 minute miles are still doable but that’s about the fastest I’m able to maintain running for more than a few miles at a time. Like I said before, it’s not a competition and I know I’m slowing down and that’s OKAY.

Toward the end of the month, I got to experience round ligament pain for the first time ever. It was pretty uncomfortable (think of a side stitch, only lower) and ended up with me doing a walk/jog for a portion of my run until it went away. I was fine the next day and it hasn’t happened since, thankfully. What I’ve figured out is that I need to be more mindful about my stride. Longer strides is typically how I tend to run, but with my changing center of gravity I’m finding that shorter strides are better for me.

Finally, one thing I mentioned last month was that I started using the Gabrialla Elastic Maternity Support Belt because my lower back was starting to hurt more after finishing my runs. I’ve now been using it for about a month consistently and won’t go on a run without it. It’s been very helpful with giving my baby bump the support it needs from underneath and also with supporting my lower back.  I love that it’s adjustable, so if I’m still running ten weeks from now it’ll still be wide enough to support my belly.

I’ll say it again but I’m just so, so grateful that I’ve been able to keep up with running as long as I have. I don’t see myself having to stop or slow down (much) anytime soon, which is great but it’s not something I take for granted. Every day that I’m able to get a run in, is a good day!

My goals for December are to get in a few more longer runs in the 4-5 mile range and keep up a steady pace, even if it’s a bit slower. Mileage wise, I’m going to aim for a more conservative number since we will be traveling the last half of the month (though, I do love running in new places!) so 40 miles is my goal.

How’s your fitness looking these days? Is anyone running outdoors in the bitter cold or *gasp* snow? I’d love to hear all about it!

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