Second Trimester Favorites

Y’all, I am now 30 weeks pregnant with bebe dos. If you don’t know, that means I’m a few weeks into the third trimester and have approximately a million 10-ish more weeks(!) until D-Day (or V-Day as we like to say around here) but truly, things are really starting to sink in and get real at this point. I’m starting to feel All The Feelings™ but mostly, that one where I feel unprepared. It probably doesn’t help that we’ll be moving in two weeks, either.

Anyway. Even though at this point I’m already in my third trimester, I wanted to jot down and share a few of my favorite things I relied on to get me through the second trimester of this pregnancy. You know, in case anyone else besides myself was curious about why these items are deemed ‘favorites’ of mine. Note I didn’t say ‘essentials’ since every pregnant momma has different ideas on what constitutes as essential for them. Obviously, please feel free to disregard this post if it doesn’t interest you or apply to you. Come back tomorrow for something not baby related!

p.s. Here’s the post I wrote on my first trimester favorites! I have continued using most everything on that list into my second trimester, as well. Minus the saltines, thank goodness.

1 // Maternity support belt: This might make me seem like an 80 year old grandma, but I love my support belt especially for running. Being pregnant and hauling around an almost-30 pound toddler (yes, he still wants to be carried sometimes) can take its toll on my back and on days where I’m feeling extra sore, I wear my belt. It doesn’t look as awful as the picture, since I obviously wear it underneath my clothing but it gets the job done and helps me feel loads better.

2 // Bump Nest pregnancy pillow: I had to retire my $10 body pillow from Target. Seriously, I know these are first world problems but I was whining a bit lot about not being able to sleep well with it and somehow convinced myself (and my husband) that spending $100 on a pillow would be my saving grace. Guess what? It has been my saving grace and the best investment we’ve made for my pregnancy. My husband even not-so-secretly loves stealing it from me and trying to use it. Get your own, buddy.

3 // Oiselle running tights: For those days where I don’t have to leave the house (glorious!) and wear jeans, I love lounging around in these running pants. Ok, I’ll be honest and say that I’ve definitely left the house wearing these and I’m not headed to the gym. Anyhow, I bought a size up from what I normally would wear and they fit snugly but not super tight to the point where they’re uncomfortable. It’s pretty much been perfect because they’ve kept me warm throughout the winter. A bonus is that I also use them to run in, whether it be on the treadmill or outdoors in the cold. Win win.

4 // Antacids: Heartburn is not fun. I recall getting it when I was pregnant with our son, but only later on during the pregnancy and my memories are fuzzy at this point anyway, so I’m sure it seems worse this time around. Actually, I feel like this time around I started popping antacids as early as my first trimester. Crazy but necessary. Needless to say, during the second trimester I’ve gone through several of the 96-count bottles. Extra calcium doesn’t hurt, right? Out of the various brands I’ve tried, the Target ones are actually my favorite.

5 // Slippers: Another item that makes me feel like a grandma, but in a good way! I bought slippers from J.Crew Factory a while back and have been wearing them to death this fall and winter. Normally, I get really hot, really easily when I’m pregnant and while that’s still holding true, it’s been nice to have cozy slippers to pad around the house even if I am wearing shorts and a tank top. How’s that for a nice visual? These slippers also have a surprising amount of support, but without making it feel like I have tennis shoes on in the house. Cozy, warm and supported feet during pregnancy is a non negotiable.

6 // Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar: So, this might be weird to put on my list of second trimester favorites but hear me out for a minute. I don’t know what it’s been this winter but I’ve gotten more colds back to back than ever before. Enter the ACV cocktail, which I have written more about here. I even bought a bottle to use during our vacation because I was feeling sniffly and sick. We’ve definitely gone through several bottles of ACV this fall and winter. It’s actually been a nice, soothing routine to have a mug in the morning when I wake up and another one in the evenings before bed.

7 // Gap 1969 Maternity Skinny Jeans: Are you seeing a pattern yet with all the clothing? Apparently, I didn’t shop wisely during my first pregnancy because I definitely had to buy a lot more things this time around including these jeans. I got them on sale but gladly would have paid full price for them. They get worn all the time, basically any other time I’m not wearing my running tights. It’ll be interesting to see how they fit (or not) as I get further along, since they’re demi panel and a lot of times those tend to roll down uncomfortably as the baby bump gets larger.

8 // ASOS Maternity: Before I became pregnant, I was planning to start a capsule wardrobe. I thought that being pregnant meant that I wouldn’t be able to do a capsule, but lo and behold it’s been done before. (Here’s a great post on a maternity capsule wardrobe.) With the capsule concept in mind, I shopped more mindfully this time around. I’m hoping whether this be our last baby or not, that the clothes I ended up purchasing will last and not make me want to run to the nearest consignment shop to sell them when I’m finished being pregnant. Ninety-nine percent of my tops came from ASOS and having worn them throughout the second (and now third) trimester, I can attest that they’ve held up to a lot of washes and still look like new.

**Not pictured but most importantly: an amazing, supportive husband + a (mostly) patient toddler

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