35 weeks: bebé dos

Here we are, facing the last few miles of the marathon that is pregnancy. I love a good running metaphor and told my husband the other day that though I’m on mile 21 of this marathon, some days it feels like I’ve only just began the race.

Such is the life of being pregnant with a toddler hanging around. Who told this kid he could ask me to pick him up 37 times a day? I joke (lovingly) but seriously, he weighs a lot and this momma needs to dust off and start using her 5 lb. dumbbells more often.

{Please feel free to skip this post if it’s not your cup of tea. I promise things are G-rated, but sometimes I know pregnancy talk can be annoying or painful for others’ to hear.}

I wrote an introspective post a little over 2 months ago about how I was doing mentally with preparing for this baby. While I still stand by everything I wrote there, I just have to add that being 1 month-ish out from meeting bebé that things are starting to get more real. Just like my memories of last time, I know it’s the anticipation and excitement that starts overtaking my brain at this point. A few questions running through my mind: Is it a boy or a girl?! Will bebé look like our son when he was born, if it’s a boy? Is it selfish to want a baby with red hair? How long will I be in labor? What if we get stuck in rush hour traffic? Will the toddler be aggressive towards the baby? Those thoughts seem minor and certainly are in the bigger scheme of things, but it’s a pretty good look at my brain waves these days.

My arms are getting a good workout these days, between lifting a toddler and doing the occasional (and intentional) arm workout. It’s been a while since I’ve written a ‘fitness lately‘ post and there have been some changes in my routine since then, which I’ll write about soon. Meanwhile, I’m staying active and even though some nights sleep is hard to come by, it seems like most nights I sleep pretty well despite waking up a few times. Bebé definitely appears to be getting ready much sooner than our son was at this point. I’ve been slowing down quite a bit (such as doing simple tasks!) and have a very pronounced waddle, hard as I try not to waddle. My back often hurts but wearing my support belt still helps some and stretching more than usual. Practice contractions (called Braxton Hicks) are a constant part of my day, often going unnoticed because I’m so preoccupied with a toddler but sometimes they do make me pause and go ‘oh, hmm.’  The best part of my day by far is a long, hot shower.

At this point, bebé is measuring 1 week ahead (from the measuring tape they use on your uterus to measure fundal height) which is just fine with my doctor. My last ultrasound is in 2 weeks, which is when we’ll have an actual estimate of how much bebé weighs. According to growth charts, the baby is as big as a coconut and weighs anywhere between 4.2 to 5.8 lbs. Bebé is an active little person, especially during the evening and middle-of-the-night hours. I know from experience this is simply a sign of things to come once bebé arrives. Most days, I think the baby is a girl but some days I wonder if we’re going to have another boy. My husband also changes his mind periodically, but lately has been saying it’s a boy. Most everyone else has guessed girl. Is that because we already have a boy? That seems to be a common trend. Either way, we’re hoping for a healthy baby and of course, looking forward to this once-in-a-lifetime surprise with eager anticipation.

Big Brother
There’s not much to write about this because our son is still learning & using simple words (2 syllable words seem to be his max right now) even though he does understand quite a bit. Every day at some point, I make sure and mention the baby. It’s typically threaded into a conversation and very organic so it’s not coming out of the blue and causing him to give me blank stares. There have been times when he even initiates it by pointing to my stomach and saying ‘bebé’ which is always sweet. We know it’ll be a hard adjustment for him to go from being our sole center of attention to having another sibling around, but we’re confident that it’ll (eventually) be a smooth transition.

p.s. I’ll try and snap a better bump shot next time! This was (sadly) all I could find on my phone from last week. Poor bebé is already getting the classic middle child treatment.

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