The Pirate and the Firefly {book review}

In just a few short months, our son turns two. T-W-O, y’all. Someone hold me. And don’t tell anyone, but I still rock him to sleep at night because he will always be my first baby. Before we know it, he’ll be school-aged and playing pretend pirates with his buddies.

I’ve mentioned it before but our son just loves to read and always has, ever since we started reading books to him at a very early age. I’m not saying it to brag but he would much rather have a book while sitting in the stroller or car seat, instead of a toy. He’s a boy after momma’s book-loving heart. These days, his toys can actually go untouched by him for days at a time because he would rather drag his book basket around and have me read all his favorites. That just makes my heart melt.

When we sat down to read The Pirate and the Firefly, I truly didn’t have high expectations for him to sit still for the entire book. Even though this book is geared for older children (ages 4-8) the illustrations are very colorful and certainly kept even our young toddler’s attention for a little while. He liked pointing out and identifying various things he knows the words for (water, boy, bear, balloon and light) which are all in the book.

The Pirate and the Firefly is a story about a boy and his friends who love pretending that they are pirates. The boy’s name is Oliver and while he loves pretending to be a pirate he starts to feel sad that he’s done some bad things.

The specific lesson taught in this book is based on Psalm 1, which teaches important lessons about choosing to make wise decisions. Even if our toddler is still too young to fully grasp these lessons, I really love how it’s incorporated into the storyline.

One other neat feature about this book is the ‘parent connection’ page in the back. From the picture it’s hard to tell, but there are four categories in which a parent can further teach kids about the deeper parts of this book.

There’s something to REMEMBER, READ, THINK and DO. I love this because sometimes it’s really hard to actually dig deeper with our kids and it’s already been done here for you! I know as our son gets older this will be super handy.

We really enjoyed this book! Our son loved all the pictures and we love the teaching aspects of it as well as the cute storyline.

I’m so glad to have “The Pirate and the Firefly” in our ever-growing book collection. I know that in years to come as our son gets older, he will come to appreciate this book more and more.

Disclosure: These books were kindly provided to me by Shelton Interactive for my honest review. No compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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