reading lately 1.2015

It’s been ages since I’ve blogged about what I’ve been reading, so here goes a long overdue list.

Waiting For Birdy– Catherine Newman
I read this book when I was about 59 30 weeks pregnant and hormonal. The book is about how the author goes through an entire year of her pregnancy and dealing with a toddler. So, I could definitely relate to the entire book. It was a good mixture of witty, sarcastic and encouraging.

Cold Tangerines– Shauna Niequist
I love everything Shauna writes and this book was no exception. She writes beautifully about the raw, emotional truth of heartbreak and other hard moments of life. If you want to be lifted up and refreshed, read this book. In fact, read all of her books.

Notes from a Blue Bike– Tsh Oxenreider
The minimalist movement is pretty trendy these days, so I was a tad reserved about reading this book but am glad I did. What I gathered from this book is how the author learned to apply a way of life from another culture (based on her time living abroad in this country) to her life here in the United States. There is a lot of good “in theory” stuff she writes about, and some of it may not be applicable to your life but there are general concepts which are worth applying.

The Nesting Place– Myquillyn Smith
As someone who has spent the majority of my adult life renting dwelling places, this book was just perfect. I like how the author shares her story and style, without coming across like it’s the only way to do things. Even if you own your home, there are still good ideas to learn from. If anything, it’s a fun and pretty picture-filled book to flip through.

Lunch in Paris– Elizabeth Bard
This is the first of many Paris-themed books I’m reading this year (my newest obsession) and was a light, funny read. I enjoyed reading the authors’ unconventional love story and some of the recipes inside (though I haven’t made any) sound delicious without being complicated.

Honeymoon in Paris– Jojo Moyes
I’ve sung my praises about Moyes before and am slowly making my way through all her books. This one was actually hard to come by but patience paid off and I’m glad I waited. It is the prequel to her book ‘The Girl You Left Behind’ which I read last year.

Paris in Love– Eloisa James
I wasn’t so sure I would want to read this book based on the surrounding subject matter (would it be sad? spoiler: no, it wasn’t) but it was much more than just a memoir about struggles with illness. In fact, the way in which she writes about her experiences left me feeling hopeful rather than despondent. I enjoyed living vicariously through this tale of an American family living in Paris for a year.

One Plus One– Jojo Moyes
I had a hard time putting this book down and didn’t want it to end. It’s a classic tale of two unlikely and incompatible strangers who fall in love under improbable circumstances.

Yes Please– Amy Poehler
Ah, a funny book! I had high expectations for this one but wasn’t completely impressed. Yes, it was funny but not nearly my favorite to date in this small genre (it’s Tina Fey’s ‘Bossypants’) although it’s a fun inside peek at the behind the scenes of her life.

How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are– Anne Berest
Three words: coffee table book. More exact, if you like flipping through a quirky and well-designed book with pretty (and a few eyebrow-raising photos) images of the French…this is it. It took me about a day to “read” this book and I had a good laugh at some of the essays.

The Ship of Brides– Jojo Moyes
This book was one I didn’t want to end and felt like even when it did, that there were still parts of the story that could have been developed further. This story goes between present day and WW II, and is about Australian brides sailing on a Navy ship from their country to England after the war. There’s love, romance, heartbreak, friendship and forgiveness — a recipe for completely grabbing your attention from start to finish.

That’s it! Now I’m all caught up with sharing what I’ve read lately, though it took me forever to write this post. Since the past two months we have had a newborn in the house, it has been trickier finding the time to read. I can only attribute my ability to read anything by using the e-book option from our public library (I can easily use the app on my phone!) and those long and middle of the night nursing sessions. Reading is one of the ways my mind gets a much needed break from the kids and I’m glad for the spare moments in which I find to do some.

What have you been reading lately? As always, do you have any books you would recommend?

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