weekend reading 3.0

Because every so often, I come across some great stuff and feel the need to share it. Happy reading and happy weekend, friends.

Why parents pressure kids and how it’s hard to stop.

The tug and pull of baby number two. So much truth in this!

Gah. I remember feeling all this when I was pregnant with Miss A.

Coconut and peach? A match made in heaven!

This post about printing our digital photos has me inspired to get my stuff off the computer/phone.

Remembering who we are within this identity of motherhood.

Y’all. This blueberry buckle. I’m making it this weekend.

Finally, this honest post by my friend Madison about being the “perfect” mom for our children.

3 thoughts on “weekend reading 3.0

  1. ali grace says:

    Also – don’t you just love Madison’s honesty? It’s so refreshing. Tucking that away for my future motherhood years.

  2. ali grace says:

    You are so sweet to share my blueberry buckle recipe! Thanks for being such a great friend. 🙂

    P.S. I’m WAY behind on my blog reading, but did you get a new look? Your blog looks different (I think!) and I like it! So fresh and pretty. Plus I LOVE turquoise.

    • Urban Wife says:

      Aww you’re welcome! They turned out amazing. My husband had to take them to his office, so we wouldn’t eat it all. I did give the blog a fresh look last week! It was time and fits my aesthetic much better. 🙂

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