reading lately 2.2015

It’s time for another edition of “what I’ve been reading lately”. Sounds like the title of a catchy song, no? *crickets* Well, in case you are new around these parts (hi!) I like jotting down these types of posts every so often as a reminder to myself of books I’ve read. Also, it’s fun to see if anyone responds (though blog comments are pretty much nonexistent these days thanks to other forms of social media…) with suggestions on books they’ve read because I’m always game for new books to read. Also, my “to-read” list must always exceed my “have read” list just in case I were to ever run out of reading material.

Heart of Texas (series) – Debbie Macomber
Ah, my guilty pleasure books. I’ve enjoyed another series from Macomber (Cedar Cove) so thought why not read one which takes place in Texas, no less in Hill Country which is where we currently live. Obviously, the town in the book is purely fictional but it was surprisingly accurate with for example, descriptions of the topography, weather and climate. Anyhow, these 8 books were fun, light reading and as with any good fiction romance novels, there was a happily ever after ending.

Beautiful Ruins – Jess Walter
After someone suggested this book, I decided hey, why not. It’s a fiction book based on one of the five Cinque Terre islands from Italy. The story interweaves characters between past and present, which is one of my favorite styles of writing. There’s romance, mystery, arrogance, disappointment, heartbreak, and hope. I do love a good book that runs the gamut of human emotions. Also, a well-done book cover almost always gets me to read a book.

Where’d You Go, Bernadette – Maria Semple
So, this book is really popular. Actually, it was popular in 2012 so I’m (as usual) a few years behind trend. I really wanted to love it, but alas just found it so-so. The story is about an eccentric (for lack of better word) woman who is married to a very smart Microsoft dude and they have a very smart daughter. Daughter gets promised a trip to anywhere if she gets a good report card. She does and picks Antartica (what?!). Mom decides she doesn’t want to go because her agoraphobia has gotten the best of her. Dad goes with daughter, but not before Mom suddenly disappears the day before the big trip. And I can’t say anymore without ruining the plot but if you want to know, it really wasn’t so hard to figure out what happened at the end.

What Alice Forgot – Liane Moriarty
Seriously, I have found a new-to-me author to binge read all their books! This was my first book by Moriarty and I am hooked. I couldn’t put it down, even though the story line was seemingly simple. A woman has an accident and loses her memory from the past 10 years of her life. Over the course of a week (though it feels much longer when you’re reading, based on the dialogue) she starts to slowly remember bits and pieces of her past, until one final event is the catalyst that brings back all the memories from those 10 years. You should read this book. It also has a nice ending.

Right now, I’m reading The Look of Love and have two other books on waitlist; Ross Poldark and Big Little Lies. As I wrote last time, this year has mostly been the year of the e-books. Usually, I’m a hardcover/paperback book kind of reader but ever since having two kids, it’s been much more convenient to read on my phone instead of a physical book. Plus, I don’t have to trek to the library with two kids in tow. The e-book selection in our library system is really great and I’ve found almost all the books I want to read are available. Maybe in a few months I’ll get back to paper books!

Tell me, what book(s) have you been reading lately?

2 thoughts on “reading lately 2.2015

  1. ali grace | cookies and grace says:

    Oh I loved Where’d You Go Burnadette! I just thought it was so funny. Quirky funny, which I love. But oh well, I guess it’s not for everyone. 🙂

    Lately I’ve read Girl on a Train (had to… definitely a page turner!), All the Light We Cannot See (so beautiful), Miss Hazel and the Rosa Parks League (interesting look into old southern MS).

    I think our book club is reading What Alice Forgot sometime soon and I’m looking forward to it!

    In the nonfiction category – new on my list is Wild in the Hollow. Shauna Niequist (who I know you love too!) recommended it so that’s good enough for me!

    Also, are you on goodreads? It’s a great app for keeping track of your books and finding new recommendations. Add me!

    • Urban Wife says:

      Your comment made my day! 😉 It’s not that the book was awful, just wasn’t my favorite. Thank you for the book recommendations! I’m adding them to my list right now. I use Goodreads, too. Love using it to track my reading!

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