my new fitness routine

I really want to take a nap right now since both kids are sleeping, but there is so much to do. Time for a nap, said no mom ever. So here I am, writing a blog post procrastinating on the other more important things to do.

Over this past weekend, I got to thinking about my totally new-ish workout routine since having our second child and realized I hadn’t written or even mentioned fitness since before she was born. (Here’s the link if you’re interested.)

Now that I’m approaching 5 months into this having two kids gig, I have a somewhat good exercise routine established and thought I would share how things are different and any things that are still the same as before. Indulge me? If not, I won’t be offended if you choose to skip this post.

A bit of a backstory first: I ran throughout pretty much my entire pregnancy with Adie. I wrote about it at length, which I’m so glad to have done so because sometimes I can’t believe I actually did it. Running isn’t for everyone especially not for every pregnant woman and that is OKAY. I’m just writing from my perspective and what I was able to do this time around. So, I became accustomed to pushing a 30 lb. toddler in the single stroller, while carrying extra weight on my body. What I didn’t realize then was that while pushing a double stroller with a 30 lb. toddler and a car seat/baby is a lot heavier than before, I am also stronger and lighter now than I was while running pregnant.

A few things that are different now: Stating the obvious, the stroller is a double so it’s wider/heavier/bulkier although I have to give it to the makers of BOB. They sure know how to make their strollers not feel so heavy and hard to push. It took some getting used to pushing the double stroller, since it just carries the weight a bit differently. I started running about 5 weeks postpartum and have been using the infant car seat on the adapter with Adie, while Kaleb sits on the other side. There’s a huge disclaimer on the BOB website about how you’re not supposed to run with the stroller that way, but we cleared things with our pediatrician and feel confident in our ability to run with it that way.

The only time I am able to exercise is if I take the kids with me, so that’s been one thing that has changed from before when it was just one kid. I could more easily go for a run or swim by myself, while my husband watched our son but now there’s a lot more tag teaming happening especially in the evenings with dinner and bedtimes. Every so often, I do go for a run or swim by myself but mostly I make the time to do my exercise during the day, first thing in the morning.

One other thing that has changed is related to how I’ve been running. It’s so interesting to me how now, I feel so much stronger and faster than when I was running pregnant. Maybe it should come as no surprise, but it still surprises me that now I’m able to maintain a solid pace with the double stroller. The first few weeks postpartum where definitely a little bit harder but once I got over the hump, I felt like my normal self again. Of course, I still have more room for improving but I’m really happy where I’m at already in just a matter of a few months of running.

Right now, this is sort of what a typical day of fitness looks like for me. Side note: I just started a training program (the Hal Higdon Intermediate 1/2 Marathon) this week, but even before officially starting it, I was running 3-4 days a week and swimming 1-2 days.

Monday – This is my day to do Pilates. Right now, I’m just at once a week but aiming for 2 days. I have to do Pilates while the kids are napping (usually anywhere between 2-4pm) but if for some reason their naps don’t overlap, then I have to do it early in the morning or in the evening (more feasible).
Tuesday – Run anywhere from 3-5 miles
Wednesday – Track workout (intervals/tempo) which is more for speed rather than distance. Ends up being 1-2 miles total.
Thursday – Run 3-4 miles and do some strength training. The strength training will likely be Pilates, since that’s my favorite but I can see myself trying out some HIIT stuff too.
Friday – REST! Woohoo, I love it because usually I’m pretty beat by Friday anyway, so it’s a good day for me to not workout.
Saturday – A short, easy 3 mile run, with a 4 and 5 miler sprinkled in.
Sunday – Long run day, which means I will be getting up with the birds (or before!) to get my runs in before church. Distances are 5-12 miles and the race.

To answer an obvious question, yes I am always 200% tired and yes my baby still wakes up at night multiple times. But I know from experience now and years of running that as long as my body gets the sufficient amount of rest (i.e. going to bed early) and I stay super hydrated, it’s possible to make myself lace up my shoes, load up the stroller and get my body moving no matter how tired I might feel.


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