weekend reading 9.0

Because every so often, I come across some great stuff and feel the need to share it. Happy reading and happy weekend, friends.

When “me-time” gets swallowed up by babies. Oh, how I can relate so much to every single thing in this post.

A really great sermon series my husband has been listening to and got me hooked on.

Caramel apple pecan ice cream. Oh, my. This sounds dreamy even as the weather cools down.

My sweet friend Monica’s e-book has been so successful, she’s now a published Amazon author and able to provide her book in many more formats including paperback!

A thought provoking piece on the differences between kindergarten in America and Finland.

This song. And while you’re at it, this cover he did of ‘Stay With Me’.

I’m currently frustrating myself trying to knit this hat. Wish me luck.

Why do we keep thinking we have to be somebody different to get the love of anybody at all. I love the way she writes about how all everyone is looking for is a blessing.

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