weekend reading 10.0

Because every so often, I come across some great stuff and feel the need to share it. Happy reading and happy weekend, friends. 

A pep talk for the work-at-home mom. Heather’s honest & raw words spoke to me so much in this post, even if I don’t work from home.

Any Jane Austen lovers out there? I want to live in these pictures or at the very least, visit. Someday, someday.

I’m completely copying this idea for our Advent calendars this year and hoping a certain toddler doesn’t try ripping it off the wall.

Carrot ginger coconut soup! Yes, please and thank you. I’m adding this to our dinner meal rotation for fall/winter.

A question I sometimes ask myself, if our family is “complete” especially having a boy and girl. When it’s time to hang it up.

This pumpkin sticky toffee cake sounds too delicious to wait until next fall to try.

Grace upon grace. Wise words from Ali (whom I’d love to have coffee with someday!) about living & giving grace.

On feeling inadequate. Ah, the story of my life for the past 2.5 years of motherhood.

Attention coffee lovers! I have a new (to me) website for all your coffee questions. The owner reached out to me a week ago and I’m so glad he did because I’ll be reading his reviews before purchasing our next espresso machine.

The older my kids get, the harder it is to find time for myself. Right now, I’m loving this podcast while I’m driving/doing laundry/dishes/knitting.

2 thoughts on “weekend reading 10.0

  1. Monica Swanson says:

    Hey friend!! Thank you so much for including my soup in your list! 🙂 It is a goodie!
    Love all of your links…Now I’m dreaming of pumpkin sticky coffee cake…and a new coffee blog to follow? I’m in trouble…:)
    Much Aloha and keep up the great work!

  2. ali grace says:

    You are the absolute sweetest! A coffee date with you sounds lovely. 🙂
    Also – I love The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey too!!

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