diapering, the honest truth

Before kids, I used to be the person who said they would “never do _______.” Now after having kids, I have realized that saying that phrase is almost always a recipe for taking back my words later. One thing that fell into that category of things I said I would never do, was to tell people about our choices when it came to diapering our child(ren).

As any parent will tell you, there are millions of opinions on what’s good, better and the best for your child no matter what you’re talking about. The last thing I ever want to do is make anyone feel like their choices aren’t good enough. Whatever choice you make, THAT is good enough for you and your family. After all, we just want our child(ren) to feel loved, safe and happy right?

Having one kid in diapers is dare I say, easy. On our son, we chose to exclusively cloth diaper him (exceptions: when we travel and use the church nursery), from birth. Realistically, he was about 3-4 weeks old when I finally got around to starting cloth diapers but I digress. Cloth or disposables, the fact is that there was only 1 bottom to wipe and 1 load of diapers to wash. Then, we got pregnant with baby two when our son was just a year old and definitely not potty trained. One of the first thoughts I had was, diapering is going to become so much harder! And honestly? It’s not harder in the sense that I’ve been diapering for 2 1/2 years now and am pretty adept at it. It’s harder because you have twice the diapers, twice the waste and twice the supplies.

Without boring you with all the details, we now use a “hybrid” system to diaper our kids because the toddler isn’t completely potty trained yet and obviously baby girl needs diapers all the time. After looking at different options, we decided that quality (in both toxicity and durability) was the most important decision in deciding which disposable diapers to use. Seventh Generation diapers have always been a favorite brand and we used those a lot for our son when he was younger and still use them if need be, but we knew the convenience of having a diapers & wipes bundle would be better for us in the long term.

For almost 10 months now, we have been using Honest Company diapers & wipes {< referral link!} and I can say that it’s been long enough for me to get a good sense of how well things have worked for us. It’s also given me time to come up with a good, solid list of pros/cons to share with y’all.

|| Pros ||
Safe, eco-friendly, plant-based, fragrance-free – There’s so much research done all the time by parents about safety of the things we use on our children and the rabbit hole can be never-ending & exhausting. Since babies spend so much time in diapers, it’s important to my husband and I that our babies are limited in their exposure to unhealthy or toxic things. Honest diapers & wipes truly give us the peace of mind that our little ones’ bottoms are being minimally exposed to any unsafe products and I love that they have already done all the research for me. (more info here)
Auto shipments – You can pick shipments every 4,5 or 6 weeks and never worry about having to make changes, other than the necessary like a size change or if you care, picking different prints for your diapers. There’s no need to worry about or plan ahead on whether you will need to buy diapers at the grocery store or make an extra trip during the week, because you ran out. You don’t have to auto-ship either, by the way! Just call or go online each time you need a new bundle — it’s just nice having that auto ship option there if you need to use it.
Thick, quality materials – Have you ever had a diaper come apart in your hands, either after prolong usage or just because it was poorly made? I’ve had those experiences with many other brands we tried except with Honest diapers. The absorbency on these diapers is ridiculously good, even if you have a super soaker child. We’ve also never had rashes or any issues with sensitivity on our children’s skin, due to the diapers.
Last longer – We’ve tried many different brands baby wipes and hands down, the Honest wipes are the best ones out there. You seriously only need 1 wipe or 2 at most for the messiest of diapers and you’re done! With other brands that cost less, you end up using more wipes (I’ve used 5-10 wipes in one changing, easily!) so the cost savings aren’t really there because you end up having to buy more wipes. The 4 (72 count) wipe packages that come in our bundle last us 4, sometimes 5 weeks and that’s split between using them on 2 kids.

|| Cons ||
Nothing! The only thing worth mentioning here is that it took me a few months to figure out the best shipment frequency for our family. Usage and mileage will obviously depend on each baby, so while every 4 weeks might be a good shipment frequency for us, 6 weeks might work better for you! Also, the prep/process/shipping process all takes about 4-5 business days, so if you’re setup for the 4 week shipment option, take into account an extra week (so, you’re actually getting diapers every 5 weeks) for all that. If you know you’ll need more diapers before your next shipment is scheduled, you can always call their super awesome, friendly customer service and ask them to manually send out a shipment right away.

|| Cost ||
The cost savings for our family make sense. Again, without the boring details and because each family’s needs are so different we know that paying a slight premium for a higher quality diapering solution, is the choice we would rather make given our options. On average, we would spend more money buying the individual diapers and wipes than getting an Honest bundle every month. Plus, not having to remember to buy diapers or have to rush to the store because you’re out of diapers gives us peace of mind since it’s one less thing to think about.

Overall, I’m really satisfied with our current diapering situation and thankful that we can use Honest Company for our diapering needs. As with all things parenting, I know this season of having two kids in diapers won’t last forever so I just try to focus on the present moment and enjoy knowing that the honest truth about diapering is that it really isn’t that bad!

Plus, who doesn’t love a cute muffin top baby belly? All. The. Heart. Eyes.

p.s. No one asked me to share about Honest Company and they definitely don’t know me from the next mom down the road, but there are few things in life I wholeheartedly will shout from the rooftops about and this is one of those things. Also, the referral links in this post are a way for me to earn credits, only if someone so chooses to purchase Honest products by clicking the link – thank you for supporting our diapering habit. 😉

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