Jesus Helps Me {children’s book review}

You know one thing that has been funny to me about reading books to our almost 3 year old son? How he gets obsessed with a small handful of books and will only want to read those same books for weeks (or months) at a time. It’s funny in a way that if you even try to skip a page or skip a line, watch out. There is no wrath like a toddlers wrath.

It goes without saying that any deviation to the reading routine, like introducing a new book to this elite collection of obsessed-over-at-the-moment-books, can be a tricky endeavor. I’m not sure if our son will react with excitement over the prospect of a new book or flip out in sheer disbelief at the fact that ohmygoodness you messed with The Routine™.

Thankfully, when we received a copy of Jesus Helps Me and I casually asked him if he was interested in a “new yellow book with animals!”, he was all for it and couldn’t wait to sit down and obsess over it. It now has a permanent spot in the current rotation of books.

Jesus Helps Me is one of five books from the ‘Knowing my God’ series, two of which we already have and love. In fact, I can’t find one of them at the moment but if I had a picture, you would see how well loved they are.

As I’ve mentioned before in past reviews from these books, I just adore how easy they are to read to kiddos. We’ve been reading these books since our son was less than a year old (what?!) and back then, it was more of just him sitting on our laps and listening to our voices. His attention span has always been really good, so we could read through the entire book and he would love every second.

Now, his attention span has shifted some and though he still loves reading, he’s more into asking what such and such thing is, or telling us what this and that is. This book makes it easy for parents to also introduce basic spiritual concepts to their kids at a young age. It (still!) never ceases to amaze me how much information and correlation/connecting goes on in our sons brain even at barely 3 years of age, from just reading a book.

Jesus Helps Me is versatile for kids, anywhere from newborns through well beyond the toddler years into childhood, which is wonderful because I know that while the current phase of being obsessed with this book will eventually pass, the book will still be around in our collection and someday down the road I’m sure it will be read & rediscovered once again, and it’ll all be with the new perspective of an older child.

Every single page inside has been carefully written and illustrated with bright, colorful and professional photographs. The way facts about animals are intertwined with spiritual truths is also done seamlessly. There is a central theme (obviously in this book, it’s how Jesus helps us) to the book and as you’re reading the book, the theme unfolds all the way to the last page.

If you’re on the fence about adding Jesus Helps Me (or really, any of the other books in this series) to your children’s book collection, just do it. These books truly do grow with your child. As parents, when we intentionally make the choice to invest into our child’s spiritual life, then we acknowledge that only good can come of that choice.

Jesus Helps Me will be available for purchase on February 1, 2016 (that’s today!) through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and IndieBound. If you’re interested in reading more about the author Callie Grant, you can find her bio here.

Thank you for reading along!


Disclosure: This book was kindly provided to me by Shelton Interactive for my honest review. No compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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