Sick days 

This has been a winter for the books. Not the weather. No, it has been milder than years past. I’m talking about seemingly never ending rounds of sickness that have been cycling around in our house since Thanksgiving.

First we started out with mild colds. Then it was a lingering cough. During the cough weeks, there were also cedar allergies for momma. Another cold, sinus infections this time. Then it was a stomach bug. And now it is a sore throat that makes it hurt when you speak. 

I’m obviously highlighting the negative parts of our winter, but believe me — there were so many positive, sweet days in there despite the sicknesses. 

Winter isn’t officially over until next month, but just yesterday I noticed our neighbors Mexican redbud tree starting to burst forth pretty pink blooms. 

Never has a blooming tree filled me with hope for the warm, humid days of spring that are to come. 

Isn’t life like that though? So often, I can be so quick to stay focused on the negative stuff. To solely focus on the things that go wrong or that can’t be fixed in a snap, instead of looking ahead to the promise of a new season. 

So I’m writing this post as a reminder to myself on a day when I feel like I just can’t take yet another bout of illness. 

Remember to look ahead. See the changing of seasons unfolding very my very eyes. Feel the warm days and bright sun on my face. Yes, I might be taking all the vitamins,drinking apple cider vinegar tea and sucking on cough drops like candy…but try to remember that it won’t always be this way. 

Nothing is so beautiful as Spring. – G. Hopkins

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